Top 5 Gadgets To Look Out For In 2017

Technology comes with new marvels, every year, and 2017 is not an exception to that, as well. Similar to other years, 2017 is also going to see some new products, which will change the way that technological geeks look at the world. Here are the top 5 products are the top 5 gadgets, which are going to be the most popular in the year 2017. If you are looking for similar such articles, you can move on to Look Whats Cool.

Apple iPhone 7s

If you are an avid lover of Apple, you must be amazed to know that iPhone 7s going to be launched in 2017, and it is having a lot of features and functionalities, which you haven’t seen in its predecessors. If previous models will be automatically updated to Apple iPhone 7s, and it is going to have a 4.7-inch screen, with dual lens camera, which is hardly present in any of the available models nowadays. It is also going to be available in various color ranges, which means you can choose the one with the best color.

Samsung Galaxy S8

According to the numerous authentic sources, Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be the new release by Samsung after it recorded the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for some technical issues with it. Galaxy S8 is going to come with a 6 or 8 GB RAM, and a Snapdragon 830 processor along with the OLED display, which is covered by glass on the complete body. The handset is going to be water resistant, and for the purpose of phone security, you can use the fingerprint scanner, which is going to be the primary security system for the device.

Xbox 2: Project Scorpio

Xbox 2: Project Scorpio you are going to be one of the biggest inventions for those who love playing on gaming consoles. It is going to be released in late 2017, and it is going to come with a lot of functionalities, which include 4K gaming compatibility, along with VR compatibility. It is also going to come with a powerful graphics card, which can be compatible with Xbox One content. The regular price of the console is going to be around $500-$600.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch, which is going to be released in October 2017, can be used as a portable gaming device, and also a home gaming device. It comes with a dock that can connect it directly to the TV, but the game can also be played on the internal screen provided with the product. It comes with the controllers along with the product. The official price of the product is not yet available on the market, but it will be available during March 2017.

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 2-in-1

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 2-in-1 is one of the latest models of the laptop manufacturer. It comes with all the features that you want within a notebook, and it comes with a detachable tablet functionality, which means you can use it as your own tablet, without using the bulky laptop. It is available at an affordable price for the configuration it is providing. It comes with preinstalled Windows 10 within it.