Top 5 Creepiest Children’s Show Conspiracy Theories

We were brought up in a society of geeks and cartoons, so of course, someone was bound to make creepy conspiracy theories out of seemingly innocent television we loved in our youth. Who knows – maybe some are secretly right – but that’s up to you. Here are five of the creepiest conspiracy theories from children’s television shows.

Number Five: Charlie Brown Cancer Theory. Ah, the lovable Charlie Brown of the popular Peanuts franchise. In the series, Charlie only has three little strands of hair (presumably the result of chemotherapy), and the mood around the town is typically somber. People theorize that he is actually imagining this town, trying to build his happiness without any adults, but just like his real life, nothing goes right for him. Charlie’s true sadness of his real life is manifested into this happy world with cheerful music trying to pick him up, but even in his dreams he still isn’t fulfilled.

Number Four: Donald Duck Has PTSD. Donald Gets Drafted is a 1942 American animated short film produced by Walt Disney Productions, and the cartoon shows Donald Duck being drafted into the U. S. Army during World War II. The cartoon follows his introduction into military life, but soon after that in the Disney series his personality starts to change. With his extreme distress in many situations, increased anxiety, and general mood swings this shows he may or may not be traumatized from his time in war.

Number Three: Ash’s Coma Theory. This theory is a popular “creepypasta” starting from the very beginning of the series when Ash got hit by lightning. People say the accident put Ash into a coma, and later he was found and hurried to the hospital. He was then treated with heavy medications, thus allowing him to live out his Pokémon Master fantasies. He is trying to escape his coma and also fulfill his dream. This explains why he doesn’t change much physically and also why every Pokémon center has the same exact nurse.

Number Two: Dexter’s Lab of Imagination. From the analysis of Dexter’s awkward, introverted personality, he didn’t have friends. People think that his laboratory was a figment of his imagination, and his “enemy” Mandark could be another friend who is just as awkward and role-plays with him. His unique accent could be because the people he did interact with were younger, or foreign.

Number One: Fairly Odd Parents Theory. There is a very long, medication-filled theory for this show, and it starts with Timmy being depressed and needing anti-depressants. People state Cosmo and Wanda appear to Timmy on the night that Vicky comes into his life, which implies that they arrive when the problems start. In this theory, Cosmo is Zoloft, and Wanda is Prozac. What about the other fairies? What Timmy sees may be the stereotypes of other drugs people use to escape their usual life/shortcomings. Jorgen Von Strangle could be steroids, and anti-fairies could represent heroin, being that they aren’t actual fairies, but some people use them for the same reasons. However, why does Mr. Crocker obsess over them? The teacher is a drug addict, trying to take Timmy’s pills.