Top 5 Celebrities Who Had Crazy Music Careers

We all know there are the singing celebrities and the non-singing celebrities. But what happens when the non-singing decide to sing. Bad voices and all the funny segments that come with it; that is what usually happens.

One: Jackie Chan. He must be the world’s most overworked individual since invention of the calendar. That is before you even learn about his music. He happens to be a Chinese pop star, and a pretty good one too. So if the name Jackie Chan doesn’t ring a bell, your only excuse is 2015 birth date. All the same, it must be mentioned that he is one of the most known martial artist around. You know, the likes of Jet Li and…others. Jackie branded a personal and hilarious form of fighting that took into account practically everything in a room. From roof railings to spoons! At a young age he had numerous singing lessons and being Jackie, he didn’t want it all to go to waste. And since 1984, he has recorded an outstanding 20 albums.

Two: Jimmy Hart and Vince McMahon. We all know wrestling. The rehearsed, ego-loaded form of fighting that has been a great companion with us when we get a little forgetful of reality. We all know the muscled up characters filling up roles similar to soapy shows about destiny and comedy. Then, we must all share the same thought and with it feel the same horror to realize that some of them actually wrote music. How could such knuckleheads do it?

Jimmy Hart, before he was a manager of the entertainment franchise, had actually been a singer. Yes, a boy band singer. In the 1960s! He was part of pop/rock band called the Gentrys. And people lined up across the street to hear him. Screaming girls too. Using this experience, so to speak, he went on to write numerous theme songs for the wrestlers. Do you know Shawn Michaels’ ‘Sexy Boy’ exposé? It was all Jimmy Harts Work.

Three: Burt Ward. He is one particular celebrity whose choices, when it came to music and otherwise, should feature in Ripley’s believe it or not. At the mere age of 19 he got a role as Robin, Batman’s sidekick, in a television series. It began the age of men in scanty outfits. So while we tried to block or fill our eyes with the sight of manly thighs and daredevil stunts in 1960s, he decided to make some music.

It all came to him when MGM offered a recording contract and not considering that actual singing talent was needed, he took the offer. What follows is Ripley’s best row of horrible music albums. And you have to listen, to believe!

Four: Muhammed Ali. While not necessarily his best decision to go into a music career, he still managed to fill us with that wonder we had watching him. His glory days in the ring may be the best in boxing history. But when the end came, he decided to pick up a microphone and took centre stage in a charity concept album on good dental hygiene in the 1980s. The music plot was outrageous, giving Ali props for the liberty bell and such, and ending with Tooth Decay’s beat down. Thus making the only sense we draw from the commercial; that if you ever get tooth decay, Ali will come and whoop that tooth right out.

Five: Ron Hubbard. The creator of Scientology succeeded in making a religion with the sole purpose of confusing us. With his music, he took that confusion to a whole other level. For those unfamiliar with Lafayete Ronald Hubbard, he was an American author prominent in science fiction and fantasy. Later on, he took all his ideas, put them together, and developed a set of doctrines, which he called Scientology. The Church of Scientology later on, was founded from the very doctrines. All this was happening in the 1950s.

And in the 1980s, between shocking details of disappearance or death, he built up his music career. His most notable music was a soundtrack to his bestselling novel, Battlefield Earth. And with that same name no less, Battlefield Earth. He titled it under one album called ‘Space Jazz’. Warning! Only readers understand it!