Top 5 Beauty Hacks for Girls on the Go

It’s tough being a girl. It’s even tougher if beauty is one of your passions. There are so many elements going into the process of getting ready; if only we could just brush our teeth and hair and be on our way. These five beauty hacks will make your routine as easy as possible, so you can spend time on more important things, like sleeping through your alarm.

Number One: Use makeup remover wipes. Keep makeup remover wipes near your bed, and you will never worry about sleeping with your makeup on ever again. Sleeping with makeup on causes blemishes and wrinkles. You will be saving yourself time by being able to go to sleep earlier, and your face will thank you. Having clear skin will also help cut your beauty routine in half.

Number Two: Learn how to hide an overgrown manicure. Gel manicures are a beautiful thing. These manicures have the tenacity to last two full weeks without chipping. This is a time-saving beauty trend for women who love having their nails painted. However, gel manicures are not without downsides: overgrown cuticles can leave a gap between the polish and the bottom of your nail. One quick hack to solve this problem is to pull your cuticles back and take a contrasting nail polish to create an “ombre” effect. This will extend your manicure, at least, another week.

Number Three: Use white eyeliner. Feeling sleepy? Make sure you don’t look it. Instead of piling on black eyeliner, try using white eyeliner instead. White eyeliner wakes up your whole makeup routine so you won’t look as tired. It accomplishes this by enhancing the “whites” of your eyes so they stand out, giving you an alert look.

Number Four: Learn the magic of contouring crayons. Any contour queens out there? Here’s a super simple tip. NYX makeup has unveiled their new product, the “Contour Stick,” which is essentially a highlighter and bronzer crayon in one. All you have to do is draw on your face and blend the product in. Even if you have never tried the contouring trend, this product ensures anyone can get into it.

Number Five: Be all about that baby powder. There are always going to be days when a girl just doesn’t feel like washing her hair. Just thinking about washing those long locks might even be exhausting to some. In reality, it is healthier for your scalp to skip the suds every once in awhile. Dry shampoos can be pricey; kick oily hair in the butt with baby powder. Baby powder will soak up excess oil that makes your hair look greasy. Brunettes can use bronzing powder or cocoa powder to even out the white spots left by baby powder.