Top 5 April Albums

It is now the end of the month April which was a pretty successful month in terms of new music being released as well as announced. Many bands announced their Summer billboard albums in this month. Of Monsters and Men have announced a new album which is going to be out in June. mewithYou announced they will have a new album coming out in the Summer on Run For Cover Records. All in all, the music industry is very busy during the middle of the Spring season. Here are my top 5 albums that were released during the month of April.

Number Five: ‘Hairball’ by Nai Harvest.

Nai Harvest is a two piece fuzz/pop/punk band from the United Kingdom. They released their second album titled “Hairball” on Top Shelf Records on April 28. It is the follow up album to “Whatever” and it did not disappoint. It was very loud, fuzzy, and fast. The guitar riffs and vocals of Ben Thompson are backed up by the loud, fast percussion of drummer Lew Currie. They are making a very quick rise in the underground punk scene. Watch out for them.

Number Four: ‘Escape from Evil’ by Lower Dens.

Lower Dens is a four piece band from Baltimore, Maryland. Lower Dens is a indie pop band that released its third full length album “Escape from Evil” on Ribbon Records on April 3. It is an extremely catchy album that surely everybody is going to love if they haven’t listened to them yet. The single “To Die in L.A.” has gained a lot of attention on the billboard charts and is played very often on SiriusXMU which is where I first heard them. They have a nice synth sound with quiet, distant vocals that remind me of an early 80’s band. Catch them on tour around the United States if you have a chance.

Number Three: ‘Ivy Tripp’ by Waxahatchee.

Waxahatchee aka Kate Cruchfield recently released her third album under that name on April 7th on Merge Records. She has been associated with other music projects such as Radiator Hospital and P.S. Eliot ( I would highly recommend both of those bands.). She manages to keep her lo-fi sound with a high quality studio while recording. This is an extremely catchy album for her and a little more electronic it feels like. The single “Air” was the biggest hit from this album. Waxahatchee has been climbing her way up the college music radio charts with this album.

Number Two: ‘III’ by Peach Kelli Pop.

Peach Kelli Pop is a extremely catchy pop band from California. Allie Hanlon writes all of the songs as well as the music but has her friends from Canada perfrom the actual instruments on the album. This is the third full length album for Peach Kelli Pop. They are heavily inspired by Japanese culture. You can see that in their bandcamp page as well as the actual music. It will be stuck in your head forever and it makes me just want to move straight to Japan and take the members of this band with you. It is a ten song album that is going under the radar of most music lovers. It is primarily driven by a fuzzy guitars throughout the album. There is never a dull moment on the entire album. Catch Peach Kelli Pop as they tour the new album “III” across the United States as well as Europe and Japan of course.

Number One: ‘Carrie and Lowell’ by Sufjan Stevens.

This album was actually released on March 31st but I am going to count it as an April release as I didn’t first hear it until April. Sufjan Stevens is a singer/songwriter that has a couple big indie genre hits under his belt. He has released “Michican” and “Illinois” which have a sort of cult following to them as they have such beauty in them. “Carrie and Lowell” is his best work yet. It is just Sufjan Stevens singing his heart out into words which we as listeners cannot quite understand like him. The album was mostly written about his life for his mother which he wasn’t able to express to her while she was alive. The album is beautiful beginning to end. The album has the single “Should Have Known Better” which was being played across radio stations nationwide. It is less orchestral as compared to his earlier songs but the entire message and feeling behind the album makes up for it so much. The entire album is absolutely heart breaking and it made me cry the first time I listened to it. Catch Sufjan Stevens on his tour right now across the United States in support of “Carrie and Lowell”

These releases were the best albums in my opinion that were released in April (Late March). These albums have completely different feelings and vibes from each other. Find the one that fits the mood for the day. If you are feeling happy and excited give “III” by Peach Kelli Pop a try. If you are feeling a little angry/punk listen to “Hairball” by Nai Harvest.

FDRMX Eyes: Pacovolume is a French Indie Rock artist from Paris. Check out his video “Cookie Machine.”

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