Top 20 Mind-Blowingly Easy Life Hacks (Part 2)

We absolutely blew your mind with all six of the crazy-easy life hacks we showed you in part one, and now we have come back with round two! There are still so many ways that our article can give your life a simpler edge, so what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to come back for our part three article, coming soon with the top 7 most mind-blowingly easy life hacks of them all!

Number Fourteen: Hiccups be Gone

If you haven’t figured out a method to get rid of your hiccups, we have got the perfect solution that is guaranteed to do the trick. Just hold your breath, and swallow three gulps of air with your mouth closed.

Number Thirteen: Essay Hack

Can’t figure out how to make your essay reach the page minimum? Don’t bother wasting the time to go back and dissect all of your contractions, just hit “ctrl” and “f”, and find all of your periods. Change the font size of your periods from 12 to 14, and your teacher will never be the wiser; they look exactly the same!

Number Twelve: Through the Maze

In either a puzzle or real life, the key to finding the exit to a maze is simple. Hug the right side of the walls, and follow it until you reach the exit.

Number Eleven: Clean Plunging

If you need to unclog your toilet and don’t feel like getting down and dirty, we have a simple fix for you. Boil some water, and pour it into your porcelain throne with some soap. Let it sit for five minutes, and it should be ready to flush!

Number Ten: Elevator Life Hacks

Elevators can be frustrating in multi-floor buildings, especially when there are always a lot of people who want to get in on various floors. To bypass these people, hold the “door close” button until it closes, and keep holding it. Press and hold your floor number as well, and it will get you there in a hurry! Elevators do this because police and other officials need a way to get to floors in the least amount of time, but it works for everyone!

Number Nine: Itchy Throat

The worst itch is the one that sits in your throat and you can’t get to. To finally rid yourself of this nuisance, try scratching your ear and see if it goes away.

Number Eight: Hangman Master

Always wanted to be a master at hangman? The key is very simple. When choosing your word, pick rhythm, zephyr, or sphynx. They’ll never get it! Don’t forget to come back for our part three article, coming soon with the top seven most mind-blowingly easy life hacks of them all!