Top 17 Signs You’re A Choir Nerd

Number One. You know how to “solfege” like nobody’s business.

Number Two. Your rhythm skills are on point.

Number Three. You always carry a pitch pipe with you…just in case.

Elan Morgan /

Number Four. You find yourself singing the harmony in some songs, instead of the melody.

Number Five. You always say, “Remember that one time at ‘insert choir group activity here.'”

Number Six. You know which of your friends are sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses.

Number Seven. Your non-choir friends sometimes refer to choir as a cult. (Jokingly, of course.)

Number Eight. You cry at the last concert of the year because you know it’s the last time you’ll ever sing with some of your friends.

Number Nine. You’re a pro at sight reading sheet music.

Number Ten. You still get nervous for auditions and callbacks, even though you’ve done them a million times.

Number Eleven.

Number Twelve.

Number Thirteen. You’re a little too familiar with the terms “tone” and “vowel shape.”

Number Fourteen. You know your conductor’s hand movements by heart.

Number Fifteen. You sometimes wish you were singing a different part in a certain song because you love that part more than your own.

Number Sixteen. You bond with your section so much that you start to do group activities with them outside of choir.

Number Seventeen. You can’t stop singing choir songs, even after rehearsal is over.