Top 14 Life Hacks for the Lazy Genius (Part 2)

We’ve already brought you part one of our list of 14 life hacks for the lazy genius, and now we’re back with part two! Be honest – you’ve been waiting your entire life to figure out how to become the perfect lazy genius, and now you’ll be able to bring your master plan to fruition. Here, we bring you seven more ways to hack your life into lazy perfection.

Number Seven: Take Back That Text. Did you have one glass of wine too many and accidentally text the wrong person? If you begin to send a text and immediately regret it, quickly turn on your phone’s airplane mode while the message is still sending to stop it before it reaches the (un)intended party.

Number Six: Use a Can Opener on Plastic Packaging. Instead of fumbling around with awkward plastic packaging, just use a can opener! The blades are the perfect size to tear it apart with ease.

Number Five: Un-Shrink a Shirt. If you threw a shirt in the wash only to discover it shrunk to half its original size, just throw it in a bowl of warm water with hair conditioner. Soak it for five minutes, and then stretch it back to its original size. Voila!

Number Four: Keep Your Eyes Clean. We’ve all been there: you got a speck of something in your eye, and despite over an hour of repeated prodding, you just can’t get it out (and you’re left with a puffy, red eye). Instead of going through all of that trouble and irritation, just dunk your face in a bowl of water and open your eyes. Sure, it might ruin your makeup, but it’s better than an infection and an hour of wasted time!

Number Three: Use Bread Clips on Cords. If you’re one of those people who owns at least 100 electronic devices, then you’re all too familiar with the dilemma that is figuring out which cords go where. Instead of wasting time finding out what goes where, just attach old bread clips to the cords with labels. No more trouble!

Number Two: Pizza Box Bib. This one is super lazy and also super genius – If you ordered pizza and want to protect your shirt, just open the box in your lap with the lid up against your shirt. The lid will protect your shirt from pizza grease and will keep you clean as you devour those slices.

Number One: Tab Your Soda Straw. Instead of continuously pushing your straw down when you drink soda or worrying about it going up your nose with every sip, just stick your straw through the soda tab! The tab will keep it in place without letting your straw obnoxiously rise up.