Top 13 Life Hacks for Lazy People (Part 1)

Life hacks can be a fun way to get what you want in less time than you expected, but some life hacks are straight up shortcuts for lazy people. Here, we present our list of the top 13 life hacks for lazy people. Check out part one below, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Thirteen: Dunk Your Oreos With a Fork. Rather than get your hands sticky with milk when you dunk your Oreos, stick the prongs of a fork into the creme-filled center before you dunk! You can cover the entire Oreo without covering any of your hands.

Number Twelve: Put Tights Over a Vacuum to Locate Small Items. If you lost a button to a coat or a small piece of literally anything important, just grab a vacuum and a pair of tights, and keep reading. Stretch part of the tights over the vacuum, turn the vacuum on, and then search for the item. It will stick to the stocking if you put the vacuum over it!

Number Eleven: Put a Cupcake Wrapper Below Your Popsicles. If you love eating popsicles in the summer (or your children love eating them all year round), try poking the stick of the popsicle through a cupcake wrapper, and position the wrapper just beneath the actual popsicle. All of the sticky mess will accumulate in the wrapper rather than all over you.

Number Ten: Use Two Coins to Open Difficult Packages. If you struggle to open candy wrappers because of the slippery packaging, just take two coins, place them on either side of the package, and rub them together. The friction from the coins will help you open the package with ease.

Number Nine: Use Binder Clips to Stay Organized. If you have about 20 different cords at your desk and are never sure which is which, position them at your desk with binder clips! The binder clips will keep the cords in place so they don’t get tangled and you don’t get confused.

Number Eight: Put Ice Cream in Empty Nutella Containers to Get the Last Bits Out. If you can’t stand parting with the last bits of Nutella in the container, just throw some ice cream in! As the ice cream melts, it will blend with the final bits of Nutella to create a delicious impromptu sundae. Stay tuned for part two of our list of the top 13 life hacks for lazy people, coming soon!