Top 13 America’s Weirdest Laws

It’s no secret that America has some of the weirdest laws – laws that make you think the people who made them were on at least three different drugs. Photographer Olivia Locher has taken these laws to the next level by photographing depictions of various people breaking them. Though the photos are ridiculous, yes, they only make the laws look even more absurd. Check them out below, but first make sure you don’t have any coins in your ears.

Number Thirteen: Alabama. It is illegal to put an ice cream cone in your back pocket in Alabama.

Number Twelve: California. Be sure not to ride your bike in the pool if you’re in California, or you might face jail time (plus some soggy tires).

Number Eleven: Maine. Vacationing in Maine? Go ahead and take that feather duster out of your suitcase, buster. It’s illegal to tickle a lady under the chin with that thing.

Number Ten: Utah. You better not get caught carrying a violin in a paper bag in Utah. Cellos are fair game, though.

Number Nine: Rhode Island. It’s illegal to wear transparent clothing in Rhode Island. Thankfully for middle schoolers everywhere, backpacks do not constitute “clothing.”

Number Eight: Delaware. In Delaware, wearing form-fitting pants around your waist is literally considered so sexy it’s illegal.

Number Seven: Tennessee. Don’t be duped by those darn hollow logs in Tennessee! It’s illegal to sell logs with a hollowed-out center here. Good job, lawyers.

Number Six: Wisconsin. You won’t be caught dead eating apple pie without a slice of cheese in public restaurants in Wisconsin. Not because it’s less delicious – it’s illegal.

Number Five: Hawaii. It is a legal offense to put a coin in your ear in Hawaii.

Number Four: Oregon. Fancy some multitasking in Oregon? Too bad – you can’t “test your physical endurance” while you drive, whatever that means.

Number Three: Kansas. Wine is not to be served in teacups in Kansas. Whether the lawmakers there are snobby sommeliers or just really respectful of a teacup’s dignity is yet to be determined.

Number Two: Connecticut. We’re about to get philosophical: in Connecticut, a pickle is not a pickle unless it bounces. The next time you get the munchies for a dill or kosher pickle, try throwing it on the ground before you put it on your mouth.

Number One: Texas. In Texas, children are not allowed to have “unusual” haircuts. Leave the bright red mullets to the adults.