Top 10 Very Expensive Celebrity Jets (Part 2)

Private jets are a luxury only available for the most privileged elite. If you were shocked to find out Beyoncé spent $40 million on a Bombardier for her husband, you will be shocked to see the rest of this list. These celebrities spare no expenses when it comes to flying in style. Check it these extraordinarily lavish private jets!

Number Five: Celine Dion

The singer purchased her own jet due to her constant need to travel abroad for tours and promotions. The plane seats up to 10 people and  it’s intended to fly long distances without any refuel. Her luxurious aircraft, a Bombardier BD-700 Express, is worth $42 million.

Number Four: Oprah Winfrey

The TV host who once gave away 276 G6 sedans sometimes gives little presents to herself, too—like her $42 million Bombardier Global Express XRS. The plane was custom designed for Oprah with an improved layout and lighting. The interiors are fabricated in leather, and it counts with all sorts of luxurious amenities. “It’s great to have a private jet. Anyone that tells you that having your own private jet isn’t great is lying to you.”

Number Three: Jim Carrey

The Canadian comedian purchased a Gulfstream V in 2011. This particular model is one of the safest, highest-performing private planes out there, and can accommodate up to 16 people. Jim is an aviation enthusiast and always works with the same experienced crew whenever he has to fly his $59 million airplane.

Number Two: A Celebrity With One of the Most Expensive Jets – Donald Trump

The presidential candidate owns a Boeing 757, normally used for commercial flights. Except it doesn’t look like a commercial aircraft at all: marble bathroom, leather armchairs, silk pillows, gold-plated seatbelts and Waterford crystal lamps are some of the opulent amenities found inside the plane. The jet’s exterior counts with a 23-carat gold logo. The price? Around $100 million.

Number One: John Travolta

Travolta is the end-all, be-all of private jet owners. The quintessential celebrity flyer. Not only does the actor own five planes, he also has two private runways right in his backyard. His planes are literally sitting right next to his swimming pool. Travolta has a long aviation history—he is a certified pilot and has extensive flying experience. The estimated price of his collection remains a mystery, but we know we can’t afford it. If you were shocked to find out how much these celebrities spent on their private jets, stay tuned for new interesting lists, coming soon!