Top 10 Unbelievable Uses for Vodka

Whether your drink is a Bond-style martini – shaken, not stirred – or the classic and deadly White Russian, chances are you’ve put vodka in your body and enjoyed it. And really, what’s not to like? Vodka is great; it’s the perfect alcoholic base for any cocktail, given its versatile taste and clear coloring. It also makes for some pretty fantastic shots. But, believe it or not, vodka is good for a lot more than drinking. Take a look at these 10 unbelievable uses for vodka!

Number Ten: Toothaches. If you have a toothache, dab some vodka on it using a cotton ball or Q-tip. The alcohol will help to numb the pain after a while, as well as disinfect the sore area to prevent further aches and pains.

Number Nine: Freshen up Your Bouquets. Vodka can actually help keep your flowers fresher and last longer! Just add a few drops of vodka and a spoon of sugar to your bouquet’s water, and it’ll lengthen the flower’s lifespan, as well as keep them smelling fresh and looking bright!

Number Eight: Glass Cleaner. A well-kept secret of window washers the world over, vodka is actually a great, streak-free glass cleaner. Just fill a spray bottle up with the cheap stuff and you’ve got a window and mirror cleaner that’s cheaper than Windex! Feel free to use the solution on your kitchen surfaces too, as it’s also a great disinfectant.

Number Seven: Goo Gone! Vodka is the perfect solvent for gunky messes. From grease to the adhesive sticker gunk price stickers are notorious for leaving behind, simply dab at the problem area with some vodka, and wipe away the mess.

Number Six: Aftershave. A key component of aftershave is actually alcohol – hence the burn when you slap it on your face. The point of the alcohol is to disinfect and soothe, preventing skin irritation from your razor blade. Use vodka as an alternative to expensive aftershaves; it’ll do the exact same job and then some, as it also works to minimize pores and soften skin.

Number Five: Prevent Clothes From Fading. Everyone knows that the more saturated the color of their clothing, the more it’ll fade over time. To prevent this, try spritzing some vodka on your colors before a wash. The alcohol will help lock in those dyes, keeping the clothing from fading. You can even add some lavender oil to the vodka to make your clothes smell fresher and feel softer.

Number Four: Jewelry Cleaner. Jewelry looking a little sad? Soak your diamonds, gold, and silver in vodka for five to ten minutes, then rinse them off with water. Vodka is a solution which is safe for use on precious metals and many gemstones, making it the perfect way to get your jewelry to sparkle!

Number Three: Flexible Ice Packs. Sometimes you need an icepack that isn’t a brick of frozen water, and that’s where vodka can help! Mix a cup of vodka with water and pour it into a ziplock bag. The alcohol will lower the freezing temperature of the water, giving you a cold pack that’s flexible!

Number Two: Fight Dandruff. If your scalp is prone to flaking, and your hair is looking a little on the rough side, vodka is the answer for you. Rinse your hair with a shot of vodka after you condition! The alcohol will help to prevent flaking on your scalp as well as eliminate shampoo residue from your hair. The vodka will also help to control frizz and give your hair a little extra shine!

Number One: Insect Repellent. While sugar attracts bugs, vodka repels them. Just put a small shot into a spray bottle and mist it over your arms and legs. No more bugs!