Top 10 Sports All Across the World (Part 1)

Sports are beloved around the world, and everyone has their particular favorites. From an international standpoint, sports are one of the few things that have the ability to create a common ground for nations to bond over, as has been proven by the Olympic Games. Regardless of personal preferences, have you ever wondered which sports reign over the others from an international perspective? You are about to find out! We have created a ranking of the top 10 sports across the world! Don’t forget to come back for our part two article, revealing the top five most beloved sports of all!

Number Ten: Golf

Often known as gulf, this sport makes number 10 on our list for its popularity. Although the young crowd has found this sport to be rather boring, they still have a noticeable fanbase. Across Canada, the United States, and various parts of Europe, this sport has accumulated over 390 million fans.

Number Nine: One of the Roughest Sports – Rugby

Rugby is deemed to be the ninth popular sport across the globe. Although we know little of this sport here in America, the art of rugby thrives with its fan base of more than 410 million across France, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Number Eight: Baseball

Surprisingly taking only eighth place in international popularity, America’s biggest pastime has more than 500 million fans. The United States is most known for popularizing the sport, although it has become extremely popular in other areas as well, such as Japan, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.

Number Seven: Table Tennis

Believe it or not, ping pong is a vicious and competitive sport beloved all over the world. It has gleaned more than 900 million fans, ranging from areas such as Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the United States.

Number Six: Volleyball

Maybe because they have increased televised events for women’s volleyball, this sport has become quite popular in recent years. Almost one billion fans keep up with the developments of volleyball, across the United States, South America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Don’t forget to come back for our part two article, revealing the top five most beloved sports of all!