Top 10 Soundtracks by Christina Aguilera

While we eagerly await the return of Christina Aguilera’s voice on the big screen, let us reminisce some of her noteworthy soundtracks. Let us satiate our thirst for new Christina anthems, while soaking ourselves with memories. Let us recall how these songs made their respected films even more, delightful.

Number Ten: Beautiful, from Mean Girls.Damian may be too gay to function, but he definitely did it right when he sang this song. Released in 2004, Mean Girls is about the sociological implications of cliques in schools. Filled with themes of bullying, pretentious, and catfights, Mean Girls really hit it well with the addition of Beautiful in its soundtrack. This only proves that the influence of “Beautiful” also extends in teen flick classics such as Mean Girls.

Number Nine: Live With Me, from Shine A Light. Christina’s vigor in this rock ‘n roll classic is definitely irrefutable. She easily matched Mick Jagger’s stage presence. The song, featured in the 2008 documentary Shine A Light, is an addition to the layers of Christina’s artistry. Equally, it’s a testament on how she manages to work with the biggest names in music all throughout her career. 

Number Eight: Reflection, from Mulan.Who knew that the young hopeful singing this song would become one of pop music’s top icons? Here, Christina showed how talented she was even as a young artist. She effortlessly complemented Mulan’s deep emotions through this song. This also gave Christina her first Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Song. 

Number Seven: Car Wash, from Shark Tale. Shout out to the great Missy Elliott for collaborating with Christina in this song! The vocal acrobatics in this soundtrack is so unmistakable that listeners’ became in awe with Christina’s range. What added to the appeal of the song is the obvious joy of Christina while singing the record. It was infectiously good. Now, here’s to hoping that Christina will realize that she needs to sing more songs for animated films.

Number Six: Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti, from La Tempestad.One of the most successful Latin songs of 2013, “Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti” is Christina’s return to Latin pop prominence. It was also the comeback of the sexy Xtina, which surprised many after her public appearances with a fuller body. The emotional ballad is also a vocal feast for Christina fans that yearn to hear her soft registers. It’s depressing, though, that a full-length Spanish album did not follow it.

Number Five: Show Me How You Burlesque, from Burlesque. This is one of the best tracks from the soundtrack of Christina’s first film. The song substantiated that Christina is a pro-dancer, as well as a well-rounded performer. The quickness of the song’s beats, the length of the verses, as well as the high notes, are really a tall order for Christina to tackle. But she is Christina. Definitely, she can do everything. It’s no surprise that the track was the final performance of Burlesque. It’s also a throwback to Christina’s ability to deliver a sexually stimulating song with so much class and without being cheap and desperate.

Number Four: Lady Marmalade, from Moulin Rouge. We all know this powerful track featuring Christina, Pink, Mya, Li’l Kim and Missy Elliott. It’s the song that taught an entire generation how to hook up in French. In Christina’s history, this song readied her fans for an entire image transition, from being a bubblegum pop princess to a full-blown Stripped woman.

Number Three: La Casa de Mi Padre, from My Father’s House. When Christina belted the first notes of the song, you would already realize how intense the song was going to be. In terms of versatility, Christina has never had any issues. The movie, which stars Will Ferrell, Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna and Genesis Rodriguez, is another reminder of Christina’s Latina roots. It also heightens fans’ longing for another Spanish album from Christina Aguilera.

Number Two: Bound To You, from Burlesque. Sia and Christina really create beautiful masterpieces together. After working for her in Bionic, Christina hired Sia again to collaborate in the Burlesque soundtrack. Is it not a match made in heaven? Aside from being a standout single from the soundtrack, it also was nominated for Best Original Song at the Golden Globe Awards. 

Number One: We Remain, from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Many geniuses including Ryan Tedder and Brent Kutzle of One Republic, as well Rihanna-collaborator Mikky Ekko, wrote the song. It’s the third single from the Catching Fire soundtrack, following Coldplay’s “Atlas” and Sia’s “Elastic Heart.” The song has all the elements of a potential hit. However, Christina only performed it live once which could explain why the song did not top the charts. Before “We Remain,” fans and critics were worried about the less than stellar performances of Christina off the Lotus era. However, Christina erased all worries away after giving a solid performance of the song. It reminded everybody of the undisputable vocal power of Christina. It also served as a testament that when it comes to vocal prowess, Christina is the singer to beat.