Top 10 Richest Baseball Players In The World

The baseball world is a great, pompous sports world, and that makes you want to know about the richest baseball players in the world. This article covers that in this list of the top 10 richest of them, and you’re going to love it!

Number Ten: Randy Johnson

As of 2012, Randy was worth about $115 million. He makes much of his income through endorsements of some of the most popular brands.

Number Nine: Tom Glavine

This left-handed guy has been the thrill of many of his fans for so long, and he gets lots of money from endorsements. He’s estimated to be worth about $120 million.

Number Eight: Adrian Beltre

The Dominican has gained popularity due to his versatile nature and good personality. He’s worth a cool $125 million!

Number Seven: Joe Mauer

He had $125 of net worth, and then he signed an 8-year contract with the Minnesota Twins in 2010. That added him about $184 million more to boost his net worth to a nicer figure. Good for him!

Number Six: Miguel Cabrera

Miguel hails from Venezuela and plays for the Detroit Tigers. He’s broken into the list of the richest guys in the field with a net worth of $135 million.

Number Five: Ryan Howard

Ryan also goes by the cool nickname, “The Big Piece,” and he love sit. This man is worth $140 million, and that amount keeps adding up as he gets more popular in the pitch and endorses more brands.

Number Four: Albert Pujols

This guy has gained quite some popularity in a very short time. He’s gone on to accumulate a net worth of about $140 million. He gets his money through sports and brand endorsements.

Number Three: CC Sabathia

He’s an American baseball player growing very fast in popularity and earning potential. In 2015 alone, he earned a whooping $155 million!

Number Two: Derek Jeter

Derek plays for and is also the captain of Yankee with which he has a $51 million contract running for 3 years. He’s now worth about $184 million. His classy game and versatility has earned him a huge fan base.

Number One: Richest: Alex Rodriguez

He makes about $33 million every year playing for the Texas Rangers. The guy is the most popular player in the baseball world and with a net worth clocking to about $300 million. That’s quite a stash, isn’t it?

Did this list of the richest baseball players “wow” you? Of course it did. Stay tuned here for more juicy reads!