Music Industry Celebrates Gay Pride

Today marks a monumental step forward for gay rights because the Supreme Court has finally declared bans on same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional. The decision comes after months of arguing, during which time Justice and feminist icon Ruth Bader Ginsberg has unleashed such memorable sucker punches of rhetoric that the media has begun to refer to her as the Notorious RBG. This is, of course, a playful reference to the respected hip-hop wordsmith, Notorious BIG. And today, musicians around the world are celebrating the victory for gay pride and equal rights.

There are music celebrities who have been advocating bravely for marriage equality in recent years, and today is a day to rally around those leading voices. Willie Nelson is a gay-rights advocate, as well as Jennifer Hudson and Selena Gomez. “I’m crying in a damn McDonalds restroom in Virginia thanks you you,” LeAnn Rimes tweeted in support of gay pride and marriage equality.

The first major country music star to speak openly about being gay was Chely Wright. Wright came out in 2010, and she was rather alone in the spotlight. Since that time, others in the country music scene have rallied in support of LGBTQ musicians. “I thought that I wasn’t for equality. I guess you’ve made me change my mind a little bit,” a fan wrote recently to Wright.

Willie Nelson has also been a long-time supporter of marriage equality. “I’ve known straight and gay people all my life,” the Texas native is famous for saying. “People are people. We’ll look back and say it was silly anyone ever argued about it. Gay people should be just as miserable as the rest of us [laughs]. Love doesn’t discriminate, and it shouldn’t be discriminated against.”

Other artists, including Jennifer Hudson and Selena Gomez, have shown their support by creating music videos that celebrate gay pride. “I grew up surrounded and supported by the gay community, and I just want to make sure I show them the same support and this is my way of doing it,” Hudson explained. She recently released a music video that show a gay couple preparing for their wedding day. In the video, the father of one of the grooms grapples with the question of whether or not to attend. Eventually, he decides to support his son, and arrives at the wedding just in time.

Music and art have always been some of the most powerful platforms for enacting social and political change. Today is a triumph for equal rights, and the music world is celebrating.