Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Whiskey

One of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world, whiskey has a lot going for it. Now, we’re learning that whiskey also comes along with a surprising number of health benefits! Forget your hangover, and fill her up. Here’s a rundown of 10 unbelievable reasons why you should be drinking more whiskey.

Number Ten: Lose Weight. You’ve always been warned about the high calorie content of alcohol, but surprisingly, that’s not something you have to worry about when it comes to whiskey. Compared to most cocktails and beers, whiskey is relatively low in calories as well as sugar, and it works as an appetite suppressant, so you can partake in a drink without worrying about adding to your waistline!

Number Nine: It’s Heart-Healthy. In addition to dark beers and wine, whiskey is also good for your heart. Due to the antioxidants contained in whiskey, it can actually help to lower your cholesterol and thus reduce risk of heart attack.

Number Eight: Fight Cancer. One of the many antioxidants whiskey is rich in is ellagic acid. Commonly found in fruits and vegetables, ellagic acid is known to help protect the body’s DNA from carcinogens, as well as the harmful effects of chemotherapy.

Number Seven: Feed Your Brain. Drinking a moderate amount of whiskey daily may actually reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. The key here, though, is moderation! Be careful not to drink too much, as an excess of whiskey can have the opposite effect and actually increase your risk for brain-related diseases.

Number Six: Reduce Risk of Stroke. Because whiskey helps to prevent the build up of cholesterol, it lowers your risk of having a stroke! This alcoholic beverage also works to help relax the walls of your arteries and promote blood flow in the body, which can also reduce the likelihood of a stroke. Double bonus!

Number Five: Stress Relief. Sure, we may knock a shot back to relieve a little bit of that daily tension, but whiskey can do more than just take the edge off. Because whiskey helps with blood circulation, it can actually help to make you feel more relaxed as healthy blood flow means a healthy flow of oxygen in the body.

Number Four: Boost Your Memory. Note how I keep saying that whiskey helps with your circulation? Well, that circulatory help does your body an incredible amount of good, as you may now be aware. In fact, yet another health benefit of whiskey and its positive effect on your body’s blood flow is a boost in memory! Better circulation means more blood to the brain, and that’s exactly what your mind wants!

Number Three: Help Your Digestion. Whiskey has been used as an aid for digestion for decades now! It helps curb the appetite, and therefore it prevents overeating which can lead to stomach cramps and indigestion.

Number Two: Live a Longer Life. Due to the amount of antioxidants and nutrients in whiskey, this amber liquid can actually give your immune system a boost, which helps in the prevention of disease and illness. These same antioxidants and nutrients also prevent the breakdown of important cells in the body, which leads to a longer lifespan for you!

Number One: Cure Your Cold. Whiskey actually makes for a very effective cough syrup, as the alcohol kills off the bacteria that collect in the throat. By adding whiskey to a mixture of lemon and hot water, you can easily help prevent and treat a cold! With the onset of fall, now is the perfect time to warm up with a whiskey hot toddy and settle down with a good book.