Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Dating a Musician

When it comes to relationships, it feels like bands are the only thing that break up more than couples. Add a romantic relationship on top of the musician drama, and it seems you’ve got the perfect relationship disaster – or so one would think. The fact is, however, that the reality of musical relationships is far different than what Sonny and Cher, or Stevie and Lindsey would have you believe. Here are 10 reasons why making music as a couple can actually contribute to a long-lasting relationship.

Number Ten: Musical Couples Support Each Other. Musicians are ambitious and always strive for improvement, be it mastering a new set of chords or tackling a particular composition. Music takes time, patience, and perseverance. Couples where both people play music are thus able to support each other in reaching their musical goals because both parties understand the desire to improve as well as the challenges the other faces in their art. This support leads to a stronger relationship, as the couple is able to share personal victories.

Number Nine: Musical Couples Relax Together. Music is probably one of the best ways to relax, whether you’re playing yourself or just belting along to the radio. For couples who make music together, this method of relaxation also becomes a bonding experience. Musical couples will release their frustrations together while having a jam session, or they’ll kick back and simply listen to each other play and sing. This time together translates into better communication, as when couples de-stress together, it means they’re also communicating with each other about the trials of their day.

Number Eight: Musical Couples Aren’t Jealous. Musicians may be ambitious, but they’re not ones for envy. Musicians tend to understand that there’s little point in coveting another’s skill; instead they share their admiration of another’s ability, while also supporting the other in their work. So when both parties of a relationship are musicians, they’re better able to connect with each other as they respect their partner’s talents, while also supporting them.

Number Seven: Musical Couples Are Honest. A guitarist will always play the guitar, and a Nirvana fan will always love Nirvana. When it comes to music, the fact is you get what you get, and for musical couples, this is a good thing. Having spent years learning to play, and thus faced with harsh critique and judgment, musicians have learned to be not only brutally honest, but to also take criticism well. This can only mean success for a relationship between musicians, as both parties understand what it means to challenge the other, as well as the importance of being honest – a pianist doesn’t improve when they’re repeatedly told their performance is perfect, after all.

Number Six: Musical Couples Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously. Musicians aren’t perfect. Learning to play an instrument is always a work in progress, which means that the music isn’t always perfect. Sometimes a guitarist just screws the chords up and a singer can’t hit a note. But that’s not the end of the world, and every musician understand this. It’s about a commitment to learning and growth, and that’s best done when you can laugh at your own mistakes. This ability to take a breath and not freak out over small mishaps is great for a relationship, as couples who play music are then more able to laugh together over their mistakes, as well as persevere through them together.

Number Five: Musical Couples Are Committed. A musician has already committed to something that requires extreme amounts of discipline. Learning to play the violin is not a walk in the park – no instrument is. It requires diligence and a desire to keep going. This display of commitment is nothing if not positive for a relationship given the fact that, if one can commit to a guitar, they can probably commit to a person, too. Couples where both parties are musicians are thus able to build a sense of solidarity, as they not only understand what commitment means, but the act of playing music together itself builds a sense of harmony between them. And that harmony can do nothing but strengthen their commitment.

Number Four: Musical Couples Get Each Other. Shared interest is an integral part of a working relationship. What’s better is when that shared interest is also a shared passion. Couples who share an interest in playing music understand the sweat and tears of practicing chords and pouring over sheet music, they don’t have to explain it to each other, they just get it because they’ve been there, too.

Number Three: Musical Couples Have Great Sex. Music means harmony, and when you and your partner are in harmony, chances are you’re also pretty compatible in the bedroom. Music, as with all forms of art, comes from a place of passion, and when a couple is able to share the same passion, that enthusiasm channels itself into all other aspects of the relationship, especially the sexual parts.

Number Two: Musical Couples Value Each Other’s Opinions. As stated before, musicians are the best critics – of their own work and each other’s. Because of their familiarity with giving and receiving criticism, couples where both individuals are musicians have a strong sense of honesty and respect for each other. They value the other’s opinion on the music they make because they already trust their partner as a capable musician. As a result, they’re more likely to respect and be honest about their feelings and opinions on other aspects of life and their relationship because they already have to skills to do so.

Number One: Musical Couples Have Fun Together. When you make music with your significant other, you come alive. When couples play music together there’s no real pressure, just a straight up jam session in a safe space with that special someone. Simply put, singing and playing in the company of the one you love is just fun. And what’s a relationship without fun?