Top 10 Most Expensive Motorcycles (Part 2)

If you thought part one of top ten most expensive motorcycles in the world was amazing, you are probably dying to get to the rest of the list! The collection we have lined up for you will not disappoint either, with bikes that give new meaning to the word “class”, and figures that are sure to blow your mind!

Number Five: Ecosse FE Ti XX. You can own the Ecosse FE Ti XX, this beauty costs $300,000 and will have you digging a bit deeper into your pockets, but the beauty is entirely worth the price tag. The Ecosse engine plants make a great addition to the titanium series. The shiny look on this bike is just surreal and is everything you would expect in a top tier motorbike. It is for this reason that the titanium series has, in recent occasions, been selected as the Best Bike of the year. Apart from its impressive look, this bike is one of the fastest in the world and has the capacity to accelerate up to 250 mph.

Number Four: Legendary British Classic Black. Produced in the United Kingdom; this timeless piece goes for $400,000. The Legendary Black Vintage is one of the most unique motorcycles in the world. This antique bike has two cylinders to provide 250cc performance. This bike might not run as first as a sports bike, but it will definitely get heads turning as you pass by. The Legendary Black vintage is the world’s fourth most expensive bike.

Number three: Gold Plated Custom Chopper. To get this revolutionary piece of machinery in your garage, you will have to part with $500,000.This is the kind of bike you never take out on the streets. The Gold Plated Custom chopper has a metallic body that is all shiny and gold plated. However, this beauty is more suitable for display than ranting in the streets.

Number Two: Ultra Rare Porcupine. This unique bike costs $750,000, and as the name suggests the Ultra Rare Porcupine is very rare making it exceptionally expensive. This rare motorcycle was developed during World War II and was previously part of a museum. In case you want to own this unique piece of history, the Ultra Rare Porcupine is for sale at the National Motorcycle Museum.

Number One: $1 million Harley Davidson. You will have to be more than a millionaire to take this bike home with you. This magnificent machine costs $ 1 million. In case you are a crazy billionaire, and you are in love with bike riding, and then this would be the bike for you. This million dollar bike was designed by Jack Armstrong and is the most executive and expensive Harley Davidson you will ever find in the world.

This beast has a powerful six-cylinder engine that will get you bolting through the streets like lightening. The best thing about this bike is the design and style, its color and body gives it a unique look. The $ 1 million Harley-Davidson is currently the world’s most expensive bike! We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 10 most expensive motorcycles!