Top 10 McDonalds Horror Stories (Part 1)

You’ve probably heard at least one horror story of something crazy that happened at McDonalds. Whether it involved an employee, a customer, or both, there have been hundreds of horror stories to happen at McDonald’s. Here, we present our list of the top 10 worst McDonald’s horror stories. Check out part one below, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Ten: The Deposit. A couple in Tennessee went to McDonalds for breakfast and was not expecting anything out of the ordinary. However, much to their surprise, they opened the white bag and found thousands of dollars in cash where their Egg McMuffins were supposed to be. They kindly returned the money, which was a deposit, and were thanked by the McDonald’s manager.

Number Nine: Cutting in Line. In 2008, one man got into an argument with a teenage girl over what appeared to be a spot in line. They continued to argue, and eventually the man became so angry that he punched the girl extremely hard in the face. The man was able to escape and has never been caught.

Number Eight: Bacon Rage. In 2014, a woman and her friend went into Mcdonald’s to order a couple bacon cheeseburgers. They were disappointed when they saw that their burgers did not have bacon on them, and the manager told them that the next bacon cheeseburgers they order would be free. The woman went back the same night to get her bacon cheeseburgers, and she was so angry when she saw that those bacon cheeseburgers didn’t have bacon on them either that she fired a gun through the McDonald’s drive-thru window.

Number Seven: Stolen Car. One McDonalds employee in Washington woke up one morning to discover that her car had been stolen during the night. She was able to take public transportation to work, and she was pleasantly surprised to see her stolen vehicle in the drive-thru that same day. She was able to call the cops in time to get her car back.

Number Six: The Soda Felony. One homeless man in Florida decided to try and be slick when he went into a McDonald’s and asked for a water cup. He began to fill the cup with soda instead of water and was subsequently confronted by the manager. The homeless man refused to pay, and because of some other warrants the man had, he was charged with a felony for stealing soda.