Top 10 Daily Mantras to Get You Going

Whether you admit it not, we’ve all experienced life’s struggles in one way or another. The use or utterance of daily mantras can lessen frustrations and negative thoughts. Before pessimism clouds your mind and fouls your mood, try these 10 simple mantras and see how your day goes.

Number Ten: Okay, Life! Life is unfair. Realists know and acknowledge this. It gives you reasons to jump for joy today; it makes you want to be numb the next day. That’s how it always goes. You can never be happy all the time. You can’t be broken every second, either. So cheer up! Whatever comes your way, it’s part of life.

Number Nine: I’m Doing This for Me. There are moments when you feel guilty about doing the things you love, especially when some people get hurt. Dumb if you do, dumb if you don’t. That couldn’t be any truer, could it? In this shaky times, when you seem to lose your balance on things and people, always ask ‘Who am I doing this for?’ You should know what the best answer is. Own your happiness.

Number Eight: I Choose to Live. You should always, always choose to live. Even if you feel so disappointed, even if you think you’re better off somewhere away from Earth, even if you think you don’t like to see another sunrise, do not wish for an end. Your life’s story re-starts every day. You have countless chances to be better. Choose to live, and love that choice, always.

Number Seven: I Am Enough. You think you’re less good-looking, less smart? If you feel so small and insignificant, it’s because you think you are. So what if your dream job has been given to somebody else? So what if your peers are wealthier and prettier? As much as possible, do not compare yourself with others ‘for always there will be greater and lesser persons’ than you are. But that does not mean you are lesser of a worthy human being. Stand proud. You have what it takes to be great! You, your truest self, is enough. Even more.

Number Six: I Can Do This. That anxiety or giddiness you feel thinking how your scholarship interview would turn out is normal. Somewhere in other parts of the world, someone is having her first child and there’s someone else having his first taste of heartbreak. Bottomline, everyone’s having a first time on things and that includes you. Nail it.

Number Five: I Am Beyond Normal. I Am Amazing. You are beautiful and ugly. You are smart and awkward. You are boring and crazy. You are bliss and gloom. You are success and failure. You are all these ironies. But you are more than any of these adjectives.

Number Four: I Need to Change Because I Need to Grow Because I Need to Live. You need to. For the love of yourself. For the love of life.

Number Three: Just Do. Since you were three years old, you were already so noisy about being a doctor or a teacher or an astronaut. Whether those dreams have changed or not, you should be working on your way towards your goals, shouldn’t you? Now is the time to take some, even small, steps forward. Now is the time to pave your way to happiness. Move. Now.

Number Two: I Am Resilient and Able. You are made up of 207 bones and billions of cells. You will not be literally wrecked by any outside force. Isn’t that a proof of how strong you should be feeling now? That pain, that tightening on your chest, that hard breathing – most of them are just in your mind. While it is alright to feel down, you have to realize that it is human nature to fight. So, fight. You will win because you can.

Number One: I Am at Peace. Be happy with the things that you do. Take pride in what you have overcome. Love the person that you are now. But most of all, be at peace with yourself. Many people and circumstances will push you to the ground. Life will be harsh at times. But reach deep down to where your innermost heart and soul reside. Be at peace with them and no matter how your day goes, you will remain standing.