Top 10 Creatures You Didn’t Know Exist (Part 2)

Welcome back to our list of 10 creatures you didn’t know exist. This is the second half f the list, and you’ll surely learn about some more creatures you had no idea were out there. And even if you have heard of some of them, this list will surely provide you with some facts about them you didn’t know. So read on to learn more about the strange and wonderful animal life on our planet!

Number Five: The Blue Parrotfish

This tropical fish is found around coral and is a strange shade of florescent blue. The fish eats only tiny organisms – algae is one of its main sources of – and, therefore, spends almost all of its life searching for things to eat.

Number Four: The Liger

Yes, it really exists (only in captivity, though): a combination between a tiger and a lion. This is a particularly rare breed, not only because it only exists in captivity, but also because like many hybrid animals, this creature cannot actually mate with others of its own kind.

Number Three: The Deer Mouse

This is a particularly strange-looking animal. Fitting with its name, the body and size of the creature make it resemble a mouse while the head and legs look like those of a tiny deer.

Number Two: The Irrawaddy Dolphin

It looks like a blend of a dolphin and a beluga whale. It is barely recognizable as a dolphin at all because of its odd, flat, squarish head. This species only exists in Southeast Asia. Because of human interference with the habitat of the breed, there is concern that this species could be extinct in the not-so-distant future.

Number One: One of the Craziest Creatures – The Ukari

The last strange creature on this list might be the strangest – at least in appearance. This monkey has light brown fur and a bald, pink face, and only exists parts of the Amazon in Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Unlike many of its monkey relatives, this monkey is relatively stationary, spending almost all of its life perched high up in the trees of the rain forest. That’s it for our list of 10 Creatures You Didn’t Know Existed. Thanks for reading!