Top 10 Craziest Japanese Inventions (Part 2)

If our first set of five Japanese inventions just weren’t crazy enough for you, we have the remaining top five left to present to you! The weird Japanese inventions will make you ooh, aah, and even face-palm. All you have to do is keep reading!

Number Five: Bilk. Japan isn’t exactly known for its variety of beers, and maybe this is why. One brewery in Japan has begun producing “Bilk”, which is a low malted beer made from milk. The idea was concocted by the country’s surplus of milk, which is thrown away by dairy farmers in large quantities. The creators hope it will appeal to women, for its sweet and creamy taste. The person responsible for the idea is actually a dairy farmer whose father owns a liquor store.

Number Four: Beauty Lift High Nose. If you are worried about your appearance and considering Botox, going to such extreme measures is now unnecessary. A product has been created to take years off of a woman’s face, without the need for surgery. The device is a small plastic machine that claims to raise the placement of your nose with vibrations through nasal bones. According to them, wearing the device for only three minutes each day is enough to alter the position and shape of one’s nose in as little as three days.

Number Three: Boyfriend Arm Pillow. The boyfriend arm pillow has finally brought comfort to the women of the world. This man-chest-shaped pillow is made of cushy memory foam, complete with a sewn in alarm that vibrates to wake you up. Simply hug the torso cushion and wrap the arm around you, and it’s almost like you’re not lonely anymore.

Number Two: Anti-Rape Disguise. Being a woman is scary, and in the interest of our personal safety, sometimes we have to get creative. If you’re out on the town after dark and afraid you’re being followed, just turn into a vending machine. Don’t have that ability? That’s okay, Japan is here to help. They have created a dress that with a few quick, practiced moves, can be transformed to appear like just a normal vending machine. With shoes.

Number One: Air Conditioned Shirt. Make pit stains a thing of the past with this odd little fashion device. The product features a normal dress shirt with two fans in either side. The fans take in air and circulate it throughout the shirt and out the collar. Beware, this shirt is comfy but has some side effects. Because of all the air, you’re almost guaranteed to look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.