Top 10 Best Business Periscope Accounts (Part 1)

Social media is vastly expanding the possibilities for the business crowd, and these 10 Periscope users are using their accounts as one of their greatest tools. If you would like a glimpse into the industrial world or would like to get a few crucial tips for your professional endeavors, you are going to love following these awesome business accounts! Stay tuned for our coming part two article, revealing the top five best Periscope accounts for business!

Number Ten: Chris Sacca – Periscope Account @sacca

Sacca is known in the business realm for being one of the tip-top investors in the industry. He has put up the funding for the start of some of the most popular tech startups of the modern day, including Kickstarter, Instagram, Uber, and even Twitter. On his Periscope account, he offers a glance into the big wig world of industry news and behind-the-scenes insiders.

Number Nine: Kim Garst – @kimgarst

Garst classifies herself as a social media educator, and a highly successful one at that. She is especially active on her account and helps her followers to use social media sites to their biggest benefit. She also specializes in revealing her coined “ninja tricks” on social media for small business owners.

Number Eight: Peg Fitzpatrick – @pegfitzpatrick

In the same area of industry specialization is social media strategist Peg Fitzpatrick. She has built an impressive fan base from her sharing of social media tips and tricks, as well as expertise in getting the most from it. She is extremely active with her community of followers, who have grown to love her from her updates on what is trending in the industry and how even the little people can stand out among the rest.

Number Seven: Lewis Howes – @lewishowes

Lewis Howes is a well-known entrepreneur and LinkedIn trainer. At the start of his professional life, he was actually a professional football player forced to retire because of an intense industry. Used to his “six to seven figures”, the amazing man found a way to make his paycheck completely online and launched his own entrepreneurial business. Now, he teaches his followers how to achieve the same success.

Number Six: Michael Gebben – @mgebbs

Gebben is a unique and fun personality who classifies himself as business transformational coach. He uses his energetic enthusiasm to his advantage and aims to help his followers to change their lives and follow their biggest dreams. Stay tuned for our coming part two article, revealing the top five best Periscope accounts for business!