Tony Baboon – Pinecones River

Tropical jazz collective Tony Baboon’s video for “Pinecones River” is simple and sweet. Characterized by subtle changes, this animated music video is fixed on the same scene from beginning to end. A character plays the upright bass at the very center of a grey field full of wilting flowers (all of which uniformly lean to the right). Wearing a bright red cap along with a yellow blouse and trousers, he taps his foot to the song’s relaxing cadence. Otherwise, for the majority of the video the modest character never seems to move as the days turn to nights. When the skies become overcast and rain pours, he stands his ground. That is, until lightning strikes. In a flash he’s gone, and all viewers are left to do is wonder where he possibly could’ve gone. The video concludes as the upright bass falls to the ground, corresponding with the clash of a symbol marking the end of this laid-back song.  

Animation: FOSE
Mix/Master: Benzen
Collaborative Artists:
Drums: Alex Kocsis
Flute: Luis Angel Palomino
Baby Bass: Florin
Guitar: Adrian