Tony Baboon – My Dear Rain

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Tony Baboon’s animated, single-shot music video for “My Dear Rain” starts with only a little green-and-pink house next to a wind-blown yellow and green palm tree in the camera frame. As the shot slowly pulls back, a yellow and blue house on the right, also next to a little palm tree, and a taller blue and green house on the left (complete with palm tree) appear. A little gray road leads over the green hill to the three homes, while gray coloration depicts the strength of the storm taking place. It create the illusion of rain being whipped in torrents by the howling wind. The sky is gray, in the background two darker gray hills remain mysterious and still. At one point, the flute takes the lead riff of the song, and a house from off-screen tumbles through the sky. All the while, the three palm trees and pushed and pulled by the hurricane-strong winds until the very end.

Animation: FOSE |
Mix/Master: Benzen

Collaborative Artists:
Luis Angel Palomino – Flute

Alex Kocsis – Drums
Adrian Carciova – Guitar, Bass and Thunder Maker Drum