Tony Baboon – Copacao

[jwplatform U89cpcYs-Pqiywodl]

Stop-motion camera techniques animate what looks like a child’s play scene in Tony Baboon’s music video for “Copacao,” but it actually demonstrates the natural life cycle of the planet. Plastic and paper move the story of a Lego man in blue stranded on a tropical desert island, the focal point of which is a giant tree. He writes a “Help!” note on a piece of paper bark from the tree larger that’s than himself, folds it into a boat and sends it on its way to be found by a green gnome on a distant, plastic shore. Betwixt these scenes, a Scrabble boards spells out lyrics and words for items in the video for the viewer’s edification. The tropical island is taken over by Lego high rises, skyscrapers and cars all running into each other, until time takes its toll and the plastic city is swallowed up by the ocean and replaced with tropical vegetation and wildlife again.

Animation – FOSE and EUGENIE
Mix/Master -Benzen
Upright Bass – Adrian Neacsu
Drums – Alex Kocsis
Trumpet – Sorin