Today’s Best Quarterbacks in the NFL: Top 5

The 2015-16 NFL season will officially begin on September 10th. I’ve complied a list of the game’s best quarterbacks, and I even made a prediction of the team I believe will win Super Bowl 50 this upcoming season. Are you ready for some football?! The countdown to September begins now…

Number Five: Colin Kaepernick (Career statistics 8,415 passing yards, 50 touchdowns, and 21 interceptions). He may not have had a great season last year, but Kaepernick is still one of the best quarterbacks in the league. The San Francisco 49ers named Jim Tomsula their new head coach, and the change may be beneficial to Kaepernick’s growth. He is a very skilled and confident QB, and when he’s at his best, there is no defensive end in the world who can stop him. The dual-threat quarterback is definitely on my list of potential MVP candidates, and the 2015-16 season will be a very telling year for Kaepernick. This upcoming season will prove if Kaepernick is worth the six-year $114 million extension he signed in 2014.

Number Four: Tony Romo (Career statistics 33,270 passing yards, 242 touchdowns, and 110 interceptions). Romo managed to quiet all of his doubters last season, and he had the best season of his ten-year career. The Dallas Cowboys’ QB battled with injuries, and the pressure of being “America’s Team,” and the Cowboys made a exceptional run in the playoffs (thanks to Romo). The QB won’t have his go-to running back DeMarco Murray this season, but I think the Cowboys will be just fine without him. As of matter of fact, I believe the Cowboys will win Super Bowl 50. Yes! With Romo at QB, Dez Bryant at WR, Darren McFadden at RB, and the best offensive line in football, the Cowboys are my favorite to win it all this upcoming NFL season.

Number Three: Russell Wilson (Career statistics 9,950 passing yards, 72 touchdowns, and 26 interceptions). I was very close to placing Wilson at Number 2 over Peyton Manning, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Wilson doesn’t get the credit he deserves as the leader of the Super Bowl XLVIII champions, but that’s mainly because the team’s defense gets all the praise. Wilson is as calm and collected as any QB I’ve ever seen, and his calm demeanor is the perfect balance on the Seahawks squad. Although I don’t think they will win the Super Bowl this season, I do believe the Seahawks will make another epic run for the Super Bowl title. Don’t be surprised if Wilson is in the conversation for the league’s MVP award this season too.

Number Two: Peyton Manning (Career statistics 69,691 passing yards, 530 touchdowns, and 234 interceptions). If Manning would have beaten the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII, then there would be no discussion- Manning would be the greatest NFL QB, ever. Unfortunately, Manning was embarrassed by the Seahawks and he looked nervous and unprepared. I know the words “Manning” and “unprepared” should never be mentioned in the same sentence, but the legendary quarterback appeared to be lost on the field that night. Regardless of his play at the Super Bowl, Manning is the best “regular season” QB to ever play the game of football. I don’t want to completely measure his iconic career by Super Bowl wins, but I am basing it on how he has performed in his three trips to the Super Bowl.

Number One: Tom Brady (Career statistics 53,258 passing yards, 392 touchdowns, and 143 interceptions).  I don’t want to get too involved in the “Deflategate” controversy, but I almost feel it’s necessary to put an asterisk beside his Number 1 ranking. Yes, Brady is the greatest quarterback in the league- the numbers and recent Super Bowl win proves that fact. I’m just wondering why someone so talented would put his career in jeopardy in order to give himself an unfair advantage on the field. Nonetheless, Brady is the arguably the most clutch QB the game of football has ever witnessed. If it’s 4th and goal, and we need a touchdown in order to win the game, there’s no other quarterback I would want behind the center than Brady.