Tiny Shelter Dog Won’t Leave Best Friend’s Side. Demands To Be Adopted Together.

Dog can become pretty attached to one another, especially if they go through a troubling time together. When this tiny dog met his big companion it was an inseparable match from the start. They never leave each other’s sides and you better believe that they expected to be adopted together…

20. Two Dogs

Meet Bonnie and Clyde, two shelter dogs. These two met in the streets and ever since then it has been a forever friendship. The pair refuse to leave each other’s sides.

19. Facing Life Together

No matter what life intends to throw at them, this duo is prepared to face it together.  So how did this inseparable bond begin? Well, shelter workers actually aren’t too sure…

18. Found Together

The two dogs were discovered on the streets by rescuers. Rescuers spotted the pair walking around the hot streets of Arizona. They knew they couldn’t leave the dogs out in the hot sun to melt!

17. Rescued

The dogs were then rescued together and brought over to the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (MCACC). It was then that the rescuers realized that the dogs were bonded and not merely just travel companions.

16. Sharing Quarters

The rescuers soon realized that the dogs were absolutely miserable without one another. They couldn’t separate the pair without one of them crying or freaking out. So the shelter gave them their own kennel to share.

15. Connected

Although the staff realized that the dogs were really close, they still really had no idea just how close the bond was. Even though it’s not uncommon for dogs to snuggle up to one another, this relationship took it to an entirely different level!

14. Perched

What’s interesting about their relationship dynamic is the fact that the smaller dog, Clyde, actually spends a majority of the his time perched on top of Bonnie. The funniest part is that Bonnie doesn’t mind this at all. In fact, she loves it!

13. Bonded

Initially we thought it was a fluke, but it started happening a lot,” MCACC’s public information officer, Jose Santiago, told The Dodo. “Now it is unusual to not see them that way. They are as bonded as you can imagine.”

12. Nap Time

Even during nap time, the duo still keeps their relationship close. They love to cuddle up together with Clyde as the little spoon! It is too adorable for words.

11. Together Forever

Even though Bonnie and Clyde can’t speak, their actions have done all the talking for them. It is obvious that this duo wants to stay together forever. So if they get adopted it has to be together only.

10. Trust

It speaks volumes about the trust and bond they have,” Santiago said. “It’s comforting to know that they are bonded so strongly to alleviate any stress, but it also stresses the importance of them going home together.”

9. Difficult Process

However, getting two dogs to be adopted at the same time is a difficult process. Not many people are looking to adopt more than one dog at a time. The shelter, however, doesn’t think it should be too hard of a selling point since both dogs are young and popular breeds.

8. Breeds

Bonnie is a 6-year-old female Labrador retriever while Clyde is a 1-year-old Chihuahua mix. The shelter recently made a Facebook post about the dogs where they described their personalities and encouraged people to look into adopting them.

7. Facebook Post

On MCACC Facebook post, Bonnie is described as “gentle and mellow,” while Clyde is known throughout the shelter as a “firecracker”. Clyde loves to run around and play hide-and-seek and loves when he gets to be the center of attention!

6. Chilled Out

Bonnie’s personality really is kind and mellow as she often allows Clyde to jump all over her and play! She loves her little brother and is very protective of him. The shelter has even incentivized the adoption through various methods.

5. Lower Fees

The shelter recently stated that they will lower the adoption fees for Bonnie and Clyde so that they can more easily find a new home. Well, it seems that this incentive must have worked because a family walked in and fell in love with the duo!

4. The Family

A more recent Facebook page post by the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control stated that Bonnie and Clyde have finally been adopted! They have joined the Hayes family and everyone is as happy as can be!

3. Big Family

The Facebook page described them all as  “one big happy family.” Everyone in the comments section was thrilled at the fact that Bonnie and Clyde finally found a home where they could live together forever.  Then the good wishes started to pile in!

2. Best of Luck

Everyone has been wishing the dogs and the Hayes family the best of luck together. Thankfully the workers at the shelter realized that Bonnie and Clyde were a packaged pair and wouldn’t allow them to get adopted separately.

1. Happy Life

Now Bonnie and Clyde get to enjoy a happy life in their new forever home. They’ll never have to worry about being separated again and they’ll continue on with their adorable cuddle sessions!