All Time Low: ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ Single Review

For fans of the Baltimore pop-punk band, All Time Low, there is nothing better than a new single to start off the new year. When the band announced earlier this year that their new album, Future Hearts, will be dropping in early April, fans went crazy. Then, early this week, the band released the single, “Something’s Gotta Give,” as well as the official music video. While fans knew that a new album has been in the works for a while, there was no indication as to what this new album would bring to the table. Now we are getting a look into what the band has been working so hard on.

The sound of this new song does not seem to have a large difference from the bands previous work, but you can hear a difference in the level of maturity in this single. The first lyric of the song is, “I woke up in a stranger’s bed with pins and needles in my head.” Just from this short lyric, we can see that this song will have something interesting to say, and that it will be talking about this certain person’s life.

The chorus of the song is where you can hear a large amount of what he is feeling towards his life, “Wake me up, say enough is enough / I’m dying to live / Something’s gotta give / Pull me out of this sinking town / I’m dying to live / Something’s gotta give.” He talks about how he is just wanting to get out of where he is and who he is. Also, he wants to get out into the world, live his life and find out who he really is. This is something that is very common with the youth of today, as they all wish to grow up and get themselves out into the world and experience life for themselves. The rest of the song goes on to talk about how he feels like he is filling up empty space, and that he feels like a nervous wreck, but what he really wants is for someone to come and take him out of where he is so he can go and find himself.

As this being the newest release from the band, they really have come out and gave their listeners and the world a great message about getting out of where you are and finding yourself.  So far from what we are seeing, the band hasn’t really changed their style on this new album, but they have given out a great message. Now all that’s left is for them to release the album. The song, “Something’s Gotta Give,” is available for purchase on iTunes, as well as the pre-order for Future Hearts.