Timberlake’s Latest Role: Anthropomorphic Lime

Ever wondered what it would be like if Justin Timberlake was an anthropomorphic lime? Well now you don’t have to.  In a three minute ad for the Timberlake owned tequila brand, Sauza 901, Timberlake plays a lime who has fallen on hard times. The mockumentary ad, shows Timberlake and his other lime buddies on top of the world, earning awards for being condiment of the decade and greatest condiment of all time, stating that most other drink condiments (such as maraschino cherries and olives) could never be as successful as the lime.  Timberlake then divulges into the downfall of the lime, the triple distilled tequila, Sauza 901.  A reporter discusses how a lime packaging plant that was once booming with business is now like a ghost town, before the ad shows a now oxidized Timberlake trying to get his car to run, before eventually getting it towed away. The once thriving lime business has gotten so bad, that patrons are throwing their limes away without second thought, causing Timberlake to walk off during the interview, for fear of breaking down.  The end of the video shows limes being used for a new purpose, at the bottom of walkers for the elderly.  If you think the video sounds bizarre, you aren’t the only one.  The ad, which will begin airing today in thirty second spots, has been met with mixed reviews.

The brand, which first launched in 2009, is owned by the parent company Beam Inc. and is the same brand that owns both Maker’s Mark and Jim Beam.  Timberlake co-owns the brand and uses the moniker 901 in a nod to his hometown; it is the area code of Memphis, Tennessee.  In an effort to re-brand the liquor, which was originally called 901, Timberlake pitched the idea for the lime tell-all to Kevin George, global CMO at Beam, who at first wasn’t sure about the ad.  “Did I have some reservations?  Absolutely. But at the end of the day, we decided to figure it out and get it done. It’s been a great collaboration, but it largely comes from his idea and the tone he wanted to set for the brand.”

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