Tim Guy – Cater For Lovers

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“How about we spend all this day by the poolside?” opens Tim Guy in his music video to accompany “Cater For Lovers.” What you see is not what he says – a man stands on a sidewalk in the cold. The girl staring out the window at him, after imaging that she can pinch him to the ground with her fingers, finds him at her door as the sweet guitar melody begins. When she lets him in, he sits down at her cardboard dollhouse and makes a few small adjustments. The camera zooms in, and there they are, inside the dining room first. Even though it’s 2D, everything in the house has a place – the table and chairs, the bathtub, and the wallpaper. As they walk from room to room, the song laments, “There’s nothing in place these days to cater for lovers.”
As they finish the tour of the tiny house, both of them appear at the window. Smiling together, they stand looking out, their fingers poised in the ready-to-pinch position – now there are two strangers on the sidewalk.

Website: timguymusic.com
Facebook: facebook.com/timguymusic
Bandcamp: timguymusic.bandcamp.com
Instagram: instagram.com/_timguy
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/au/album/dreaming-of-a-night-mango/id634993486

Shot by Richard Harling
Directed by James Solomon
Starring: Leisha Ward-Knox and Tim Guy
Production design by Shayne Radford and Leah Morgan
Post-production by Nigel Mortimer