Tim Duncan: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Tim Duncan is often referred to as “The Big Fundamental.” As his nickname suggests, he isn’t necessarily the flashiest player in NBA history. But the San Antonio Spur has never played for another professional team, and he’s definitely been one of the most successful big men to ever play the game. Keep reading for part one of our list of interesting Tim Duncan facts.

Number Fifteen: Tim Duncan is an Extremely Competitive Paintball Player

Or he was for at least one game. He once invited all of his teammates to play a game with him. And though he apparently had never played before, he got himself an expensive gun and gave out inaccurate shooters to the opposing team to ensure himself a victory.

Number Fourteen: His Favorite Television Shows Are Detective Shows

He’s an avid watcher of CSI! Duncan has also stated that his favorite television shows are similar suspenseful dramas.

Number Thirteen: He Wouldn’t Have Played Basketball if it Weren’t for a Hurricane

He used to be a competitive swimmer, and he had ambitions to pursue swimming professionally. But when a hurricane wrecked the facility where he swam and ruined his ability to practice, he tried taking basketball seriously for the first time.

Number Twelve: He Wears His College Shorts Backwards During Practice

Like many athletes, he has his superstitions. But this has to be the goofiest one.

Number Eleven: His Mom Died of Breast Cancer When He Was 14 Years Old

She made him promise to graduate college. Even though he could have left for the NBA early, he fulfilled that promise.

Number Ten: His Favorite Book is The Crow

It’s a comic book, and it’s fairly well-known because of the movie that was made of it in the 1990’s. Duncan has said he likes anti-heroes, so this explains his love for The Crow.

Number Nine: Wolverine is His Favorite Superhero

The X-Men character isn’t exactly an anti-hero, but he’s not your average do-good superhero, either. It seems Tim Duncan has a soft spot for the badder heroes in comic book history. That’s all the Duncan info for now, but check back soon for part two of this list!