Tiara Thomas: ‘How It Is’ Single Review

Tiara Thomas is slowly but steadily becoming a household name. This is exactly what happens when you keep the hits coming. The more the fans keep requesting and you keep delivering, the heavier the rotation and the wider the spread of the music. She is back with another one titled “How It Is” and this one is a unique piece unlike the Tiara Thomas music she presents. “How It Is” is an acoustic song. It’s just Tiara Thomas, her voice and her guitar. It is off her upcoming project Up in Smoke, which will consist of just five songs.

“How It Is” has a very captivating acoustic intro. A guitar is lazily played in a professional manner, and the melody from the guitar tells you all you need to know about the nature of the song. It is either going to be a sad song or an emotional song. You’d be right if your guess was one of the two.

Tiara Thomas’ reputation so far calls for patience even when she is trying out something new. A good craftsman does not rush perfection and by now you know she’s one. As you continue to listen on she comes in shortly singing, “I should be the one that you choose / but am in a different mood / am rolling around breaking rules / the snakes in my head like medusa / damn it I thought that I knew ya / but you were just showing me crew love / so I hesitate with the new love / cause am just afraid I could lose it / all.” Tiara Thomas sings this lazily as well to match the lazy guitar. The guitar and how her vocals flow gives this song the ultimate acoustic sound. It is beautiful in a unique compelling way. It is not the type of song you hear every day. It has that once in a while sound.

The softness of this song to me sounds like it’s meant to help the listeners focus more on the lyrics. “How It Is” is a song about life and the things it throws at us. It talks about thinking you know someone but you come to the realization that maybe you don’t. But that’s just how it is, sometimes they love you, sometimes they don’t. No matter how it makes you feel, the uncertainty of not being sure that the people you love also love you back, is one we cannot avoid.

A notable line from the song is, “I could do a million good things but you only see me when I fall / but that’s just how it is.” This is also another fact of life, despite the million good things we may do, one mistake washes all of that good down the drain. It is just how humanity is. We remember and hail one’s good deeds but one mistake and all is forgotten. Tiara Thomas couldn’t have conveyed it any better. Such a message on an acoustic song charms the audience to listen to the message.

Tiara Thomas stays on track delivering good music. She now steps it up to educate and give you something to think about with “How It Is.” She could do no wrong with the hard work she’s putting in. It is never enough to just rely on your talent, you need to work hard at it and develop it. That’s just how it is and how Tiara Thomas does her thing.

Up in Smoke will be the project that prepares us for her debut album Bad Influence and they both come out this year. Tiara Thomas came in with a bang, and I don’t see anything that can stop this multi-talented beauty. Up in Smoke, we are ready for you and whatever Tiara has packaged for us.