Tiara Thomas: ‘Best Kept Secret’ Single Review

Tiara Thomas is an extremely stunning woman. She has that natural uncontaminated beauty. I bet she even looks good fresh out of bed. What is even more stunning about her is her musical talent. She is just 25 years old but has worked with some of the most influential artists in the industry. Her song titled “Best Kept Secret” does not keep her vocal endowment a secret at all. It shows it off in its full glory. She is a songwriter, a singer and a record producer. She can perform for you at any time, any place, and any day because her instrument is her voice. She always has it with her. Her instrument demonstrates what is known for on “Best Kept Secret,” and what a demonstration!

She is mostly known as the female vocalist that put up an unforgettable performance on Wale’s song “Bad” in 2013. This song later had a remix featuring Rihanna doing Tiara Thomas’s part, but so many fans still preferred the original. They said Tiara owned the sound when she delivered that chorus. She has that distinct flow in her vocals that is effortlessly regulated to create a pleasant captivating sound. Her vocals flow smoothly without a hustle to impress. I guess this is owed to the creativity in how she chooses to control her voice when hitting certain notes.

“Best Kept Secret,” for those that haven’t had the pleasure of listening to it, is indeed the best kept secret. It has an introduction that sounds almost similar to how Chris Brown’s “Autumn Leaves” featuring Kendrick Lamar starts. The familiar melody keeps playing throughout the song in the background of the instrumental.

She keeps it calm, soft and simple on “Best Kept Secret,” although she is a little bit sensual. The lyrics and voice get you wishing she could keep you as her best kept secret. She tells us about her impuissance for her “best kept secret,” which in this case, is her lover. Her only weakness is her best kept secret and that’s how she wants to keep it. She sings, “Can’t give it away / my best kept secret / it’s my only weakness / and that’s how we should keep it / that’s how I want to keep it.” “They” don’t know anything about him and “they” do not know anything about her as well. She is in love with him but she will never let it be known.

This must be what happens when you are cheating or dating someone you are forbidden from being with. Otherwise, why would one be in love with someone but doesn’t want it to be known? Tiara Thomas should have given us more details of circumstances of her best kept secret. But even without those details, she gives us a very impressive song, well sang and well presented to the audience. It is admirable how she does her music in a style that almost seems created by her. She sings without much effort to hit all those high-pitched notes that most audiences base on to grade a great singer. She is a great singer effortlessly. And that is exceedingly astonishing.

Tiara Thomas is preparing to drop her debut album which will be titled Bad Influence. This album will, without a doubt, be a bad influence to your music listening routine. It may have you listening to it over and over again and neglecting the other music you have. Tiara Thomas is just starting. Let’s gear up for a bright future consisting of great music from a young, fresh and energetic artist. She comes highly recommended. If her performance on “Bad” and “Best Kept Secret” is anything to go by, we are in for a pleasant treat.