Three-Legged Puppy Was Thrown Into LA River, Thanks To His Rescuers His Incredible Recovery Has Gone Viral

It’s a sad reality when you realize that there are many abandoned dogs out there without a loving home to call their own. The saddest part is when you find out about ones that are abandoned by their previous owners. One poor pup was thrown into a ditch like trash when rescuers found him. You won’t believe how his story turns out.

20. Poor Puppy

Is there anything more heartbreaking than a puppy that’s been mistreated? That’s exactly what happened with puppy Jordan. His life was far from easy…

19. Abused

Puppy Jordan had been horribly mistreated and abused by his previous owner. On top of that, when the owner finally decided that he no longer wanted Jordan he threw him away like trash. You won’t believe what he did.

18. Thrown Away

Jordan was thrown away like trash into a ditch. The poor puppy eventually found dry spot to hang around near the LA River. It was a heartbreaking sight.

17. So Weak

The pup was so weak that he could barely move. He was stuck on that spot and just looked like a sad and pathetic mess. So what would happen to this poor pup?!

16. Phone Calls

Soon people began to walk by and noticed the dog sitting there by itself. People began to grow very worried and called the local animal shelter. The animal shelter quickly responded.

15. Cloud 9

Animal rescuers from Cloud 9 quickly rushed over to where Jordan was said to be. The dog was in such a bad state that the animal rescuers couldn’t even rescue him on their own…

14. Lifeless

Jordan appeared to be completely lifeless and the animal rescuers weren’t sure what to do. From where they were positioned, they could see Jordan had sustained some serious injuries.

13. Back-Up

Because of the many injuries that Jordan had sustained, the animal rescuers knew they couldn’t just move him. They decided to call for back-up!

12. Extra Help

The animal rescuers at Cloud 9 got in touch with their friends at Hope For Paws for extra assistance. It almost looked as if Jordan wasn’t going to make it when emergency services arrived and scooped him up. However, he had a fighter’s spirit.

11. Medical Issue

At the scene, the animal rescuers came to the conclusion of what happened to Jordan. It was presumed that his previous owner had medical issues and they prevented him from being able to care for Jordan. The man decided to chop off the pup’s leg, hoping that it would kill Jordan…

10. Presumptions

The owner then presumed that Jordan had already passed away and tossed him off 30 feet down into the dry riverbank. Despite all of the odds being against him, Jordan managed to survive. It took two days for people to even see Jordan down there.

9. Miracle

The vet that examined Jordan stated that it was a real miracle the dog had even survived. However, even though he survived, it didn’t mean it was going to be easy to recover. It was going to be a tough recovery process.

8. Few Days

Soon the treatment process for Jordan was started. It took a few days to start because of how weak Jordan had been. However, once the treatments began to take effect, the change in Jordan’s personality was immediate.

7. True Colors

As he began to feel better, Jordan began to showcase his true colors. Soon the pup was strong enough for surgery and a blood transfusion. Everything went on successfully.

6. TLC

After undergoing so many surgeries, Jordan was in serious need of some tender loving care! Luckily, animal rescuers were able to find him an amazing foster home with Lisa Chiarelli. Jordan instantly bonded with his foster mom.

5. Safe Place

Finally, Jordan was in a safe place where he could let his guard down. Chiarelli went out of her way to make sure that Jordan was comfortable. The pup also had two pup siblings to play with, Lola and Frankie, and a bunch of human siblings as well.

4. Great Environment

Jordan began to absolutely flourish in his new environment. He was a happy and enthusiastic dog once more! In fact, one of his favorite new things to do was go swimming in the pool.

3. Adopted

Jordan was such a delight to have that his foster family decided to adopt him for good. Soon the pup was officially welcomed into the family as a permanent resident. Everyone was so happy!

2. Facebook Updates

The entire family now shares updates on Jordan on their Facebook page, ‘Jordan the Wonder Dog’. On their page, you can find wonderful posts of Jordan enjoying his new life. Jordan finally got the love he so dearly deserved.

1. Wonder Dog

It is no great surprise that Jordan has been named a ‘wonder dog’. After surviving so much, it is truly a miracle that he is still alive. Now, he gets to enjoy his wonderful new life with an incredibly loving family.