This Whiskey Got Rihanna Releasing New Music

Pop music fans have been desperately awaiting the release of a new album of music from Rihanna. Rumors have been circulating about an upcoming release for more than a year now, but Rihanna has opted to keep fans largely in the dark regarding official release news. Although nothing finite has been revealed, Rihanna has kept fans on the edge of their seats by sharing teasers of music with them via her social media accounts. Today, Rihanna took to her Instagram account to tease two snippets from a new song with a working title of “Higher.”

The track features a lush string instrumental track as Rihanna’s vocals soar as she invites a lover over for a late night drink, and what is possibly a booty call. “This whiskey got me feeling pretty / so pardon if I’m impolite / I just really need you ass with me” and “Higher than I’ve ever been baby / just come over / let’s pour a drink baby / I hope I’m ain’t calling you too late.” Rihanna credited the song to producers Kuk Harrell and Marcos Tovar, whom she has been working with since the release of Good Girl Gone Bad in 2007.

Earlier this year, Rihanna broke the internet with the sudden release of her collaboration with Kanye West and Paul McCartneyFourFiveSeconds.” Fans flooded her website with traffic as they tried to stream the acoustic track. Shortly after the song hit the general public, Rihanna followed up with a moody black and white music video and a performance at the Grammys.  Since then, fan and media reaction has been mixed. Some enjoy Rihanna’s innovative track and have praised her vocal take, while others are hungry for a more urban offering from the hit maker. While at the Grammy Awards, Kanye West admitted that he would be acting as the executive producer for the currently untitled album, but he remained tight-lipped regarding a release date.

Rihanna is also currently prepping for the release of her conceptual soundtrack album for the animated film Home, in which Rihanna is voicing the lead character. The soundtrack is set for release on March 20th, and thus far, fans have been able to hear “Towards The Sun,” the lead single from the soundtrack and Jennifer Lopez’s summery “Feel the Light.” Moments before Rihanna teased “Higher,” MTV released a sample of “Dancing in the Dark,” another track Rihanna recorded for the soundtrack.

Fan speculation is reaching a fever pitch as Rihanna continues to tease music without an official release date. Many are beginning to expect that Rihanna will pull a “Beyoncé” by releasing the album without making any announcements. Fans will just have to wait and see. You can take a listen to the “Higher” snippets on Rihanna’s Instagram.

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