This Ostrich And Elephant Are The Cutest Cuddle Buddies Ever

A team from the David Shelldrick Wildlife Trust went to rescue a wild animal in need of help. But they never thought they would also take in a pair of orphaned ostriches. Animals somehow have a way of getting lost or in trouble, especially when they’re babies. But the people at the Wildlife Trust come to rescue any wild animal that needs to be nursed back to health and rehabilitated.

When the team went to rescue an orphaned elephant, they weren’t expecting to see two identical ostrich chicks. They just hatched and were all alone near the airstrip in Laikipia.

They took them in, and this is how the story of Pea, Pod, and Jotto the elephant began…

20. Two ‘Peas in a Pod’

Looking at these two baby ostriches, it’s clear why the staff at the David Shelldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) from Nairobi, Kenya, said they were two ‘peas in a pod’. So, they named one of them Pea, and the other was Pod.

19. Attacking the Staff

Ostriches are known to pick on anything that is brightly colored, so the staff knew that once Pea and Pod reached maturity, they had to return them to the wild. But one of the ostriches had a different plan!

18. Back to the Wild

Pod was happy to leave the orphanage as soon as he was ready to live on his own. But Pea loved living at the DSWT. She felt safe, and she also loved to spend time with the bigger wild animals…

17. Pea Believed She Was an Elephant

The DSWT mostly takes in elephants and nurses them back to health. So, Pea got so accustomed to living among them that she even started wandering with them. She thought she was one of them!

16. She Found a Friend

Pea liked to spend time with the staff and the elephants, and when a 1-month-old baby elephant was brought to the Trust, Pea found her new best friend. This baby calf is Jotto, and his story is heartbreaking…

15. Falling into a Well

Jotto fell into a well, and his family couldn’t save him. They abandoned him, and that’s how the rescue team brought him to the Trust. The baby calf started to wander the park to make new friends. And he picked Pea!

14. Motherly Love

Pea took Jotto as a baby of her own, and she cared for him all the time. This is what the DSWT post on Facebook said about them: ‘It is safe to say orphaned ostrich Pea most definitely believes she is part of the elephant herd…’

13. Care for a Comfy, Fluffy Nap?

The description of a heartwarming photo continues: ‘little Jotto is more than happy to enjoy a cuddle with his feathered friend.’ Who would have thought that an ostrich and an elephant would take a nap together?

12. Cuteness Alert!


The staff at the trust kept adding photos of them, making people go nuts over this cuddle pair: ‘Beautifully tender moments at the Nairobi Nursery, where these two orphans and many, many others, are being given the opportunity to heal…’

11. Always Time for a Romp

And if you’ve never heard of an ostrich and an elephant playing together, then rest assured, these two are here to make your day! And that’s not everything. The staff at the Trust have seen other funny moments!

10. Feathered Friends

‘Pea still feels very much ‘at home’ with her adopted family, even allowing the baby elephants to take naps with her and to suckle her thighs and feathers,’ said an amusing post on the Trust’s Facebook page.

9. Always Around

And when the staff thought that it was just a cute moment that will pass, they were proved wrong! Pea liked to follow the herd every day, but she was always around Jotto, keeping him company.

8. Comforting the Baby

If Jotto felt a bit sad, Pea was there to offer him comfort and to keep him in her feathers. The baby calves at the sanctuary are pampered by the staff, who dedicate their full time to help them grow happy and healthy.

7. An Awesome Mommy

Pea lived for two years at the Trust and took care of many baby elephants, especially of Jotto. She has helped them all bounce back by offering her maternal love, and the difference between them wasn’t an issue. But one day, something happened…

6. An Unfortunate Event

One day, Pea and the orphan elephants were in a forest. Then, three lions from the Nairobi Park chased a herd of impala and scattered the herd. When the keepers rounded the elephants, Pea was nowhere to be found…

5. The Searches Continued

The keepers continued to search for Pea when they saw in a glade two female lions and a male. They were feasting on a kill, but the keepers couldn’t approach them on foot. They took the vehicle and got closer.

4. It Was Pea

Looking from inside the vehicle, the keepers found that Pea was indeed the lions’ prey. On social media, everyone grieved for her loss. This is what the staff at the DSWT said in her memory…

3. The Member of Our Herd

‘Her loss is deeply felt by all, both elephant and human alike, for she was every bit a member of the orphan elephant herd, dearly loved and very sadly missed,’ wrote the staff on social media.

2. ‘Rest in Peace, Dear Pea’

You will live in our hearts forever,’ concluded the heartbreaking post. However, Pea’s memory lives on for everyone that watched her growing up. The keepers, the elephants and everyone on social media will remember her gentle soul!

1. Meant to Be

Pea’s rescue was unexpected, and it made a whole difference at her home with the staff and the elephants at DSWT. She taught us new things we’d never know of ostriches and their behavior and most importantly, she showed the whole world that love could break any barrier.