This Guy Was Walking In A Park, Suddenly A Kitten Clinged On To Him Trying To Convey Something Very Important

Anyone who has ever adopted a pet knows that sometimes, the animal chooses you as much as you choosing them. A musician named Kawasaki Hina experienced this first-hand when a stray kitten grabbed him by the legs and refused to let go.

11. Playful Kitten

Kawasaki Hina was minding his own business while walking home through a park when the unexpected happened. A small stray kitten ran up to him and enticed him to play. She rubbed on his legs, darted around the park to play chase and even rubbed her head against his shoe.

10. Irresistible

Hina couldn’t resist the impulse to play with the adorable cat. But eventually he had to leave home. The second he got up to walk away, the kitten made it known she was coming along. She grabbed onto his leg, hugging it with her paws. She was so cute, looking up at him hopefully with big blue eyes, that Hina caved. He was in love.

9. Twitter Alert

Hina used his smartphone to share a video of this amazing little kitten on his Twitter page. In the video it is apparent how much she loves HIna, weaving around his legs with love.

8. Happily Ever After

To get the kitten home, Hina walked around the park until he found a box. He placed the kitten inside and carried her home. The kitten was very happy and did not try to run away. She got what she wanted from her new friend!

7. The Boss

When they arrived at Hina’s house, it became clear that the kitten was excited to be home. She also decided that she was the boss of the house. After a bit of exploration, she decided to chill out for awhile.“She fell asleep immediately back at my house,” Hina said.

6. Couch Time

Soon Hina named the kitten Vell. She was a handful who adored her new home. She enjoyed all the different places she could curl up for a nap. She especially likes to hang out on the couch watching Netflix with her dad.

5. Laundry Time

Vell is curious about everything. She even helps her dad do household chores. Here she is “doing” a little laundry! Hina adores everything about his kitten. He is grateful she found him in the park.

4. A Love Story

Hina fell head over heels for Vell. He can’t even remember how he lived without the busy little girl. “She is like a family to me,” he added. “I think she also loves me. We’ll be together forever.”

3. All Grown Up

Like all kittens, Vell has grown up into an adult cat. The gorgeous girl is still in love with her dad. Hina got bit by the cat adoption bug and wound up adopting another cat. This makes them a family of three.

2. Siblings

Vell was skeptical at first, but she now enjoys having a brother cat to play with. They sometimes compete for attention, but Hina has plenty of time for both cats. He has truly become a cat person, all because of Vell.

1. Adopt Don’t Shop

If you’ve ever thought of adopting a kitten, turn to your local shelters first. Many people rescue kittens like Vell and then foster them until they can find a forever home. And if you ever encounter a stray cat or dog, do them the same kindness as Hina – your life will be better for it.