This Dog Has Taken Friendship To A Whole New Level By Taking Care Of His Blind Friend And Helping Him See Through His Eyes

Dogs are so amazing that sometimes it’s hard to believe that they’re real! Not only are dogs some of the best friends you’ll ever have, but they also offer help and support during hard times. Many dogs are trained to be of service to people with medical conditions. We’re more than sure that you’ve seen a service dog guide a blind person, but have you ever seen one guide a blind dog?! Get prepared because your heart will absolutely melt when you read about this unique story!

20. Viral Footage

Recently, a video that has been posted to the Internet has gone absolutely viral! The footage shows an adorable pair of dogs walking around. However, this wasn’t the typical dog video that can be spotted on the social media.

19. Unique Situation

In the video, you can clearly see two dogs leaving a hotel together in Quezon City, in the Philippines. However, it soon becomes obvious that one of the dogs is actually leading the other one. The footage quickly became viral when people realized that one of the dogs was blind and the other was a service dog.

18. Cocker Spaniel

The dog that was being led in the video happens to be a sweet Cocker Spaniel named Kimchi. Kimchi is the only blind dog in the Philippines with his very own guide dog! However, Kimchi’s backstory isn’t the happiest…

17. Hard Life

Kimchi, whose original name was Buddy, is estimated to be between 10 and 12-years-old and he hasn’t lived the most glamorous life. The poor pup was first discovered abandoned on the streets by CARA Welfare Philippines. The condition that they found him in was absolutely appalling…

16. Many Health Issues

When Kimchi was brought off the streets and into the animal shelter, he was riddled with health issues. He was horribly malnourished which caused his bones to stick out, he had flea-infested matted fur, he was already blind, and he was beyond weak. The poor dog was in need of a lot of care.

15. Taking Care

So the shelter got to work on taking care of Kimchi. He would need a lot of extra care but it was worth it to see him finally begin to look and feel better! Finally, after some time Kimchi began to show signs of improvement.

14. Adoption Time

Finally, it was time for Kimchi to be placed up for adoption. Despite being blind, there were tons and tons of applications sent in for Kimchi. It seems that this pup and his heartbreaking story had won the hearts of many and he had a ton of admirers.

13. A Family

There was one family in particular that applied to adopt Kimchi. They were a husband and wife and they already had another adopted dog named Ginger. Ginger is a beautiful Golden Retriever that the couple loves, but, there was one problem…

12. Not Getting Along

For a while now, the couple had been looking to adopt a new dog. However, Ginger wasn’t behaving accordingly with the other dogs. For some reason, she had been quite aggressive toward other dogs in the past and she refused to get along with them. So the couple decided to bring Ginger with them to the shelter to see if she would get along with any of the dogs.

11. Instant Connection

Since Ginger was known to be aggressive, the couple had to make sure that the next dog they got would fit in with their family. Soon, Kimchi and Ginger were introduced to each other and no one could believe their eyes when they saw these two interact! It was an instant connection from the beginning.

10. Getting Along

We immediately took them out for a walk that turned out to be very pleasant, Ginger even licked him when we stopped for a breather,” the couple wrote online, “Seems like the dog, whom we later named Kimchi, chose us, and Ginger chose him.”

9. Slim Chances

When we applied to adopt him from CARA in late 2012, we knew our chances to be chosen were very slim. After all, there were many others who were interested in him and had applied much earlier than us. They lived in houses with sprawling lawns while we just lived in a small, rented, decrepit place with no yard,” the couple wrote on the Ginger and Kimchi Facebook page.

8. Adopted

The couple knew that Kimchi was meant to be a part of their family after they saw how sweet Kimchi and Ginger interacted. Soon, it became official and Kimchi was adopted by the family. Ginger then took on the role of seeing-eye dog without any formal training!

7. Guide

Because Kimchi has been completely blind since 2015, Ginger has been his seeing-eye dog, and this she did without any formal training. Kimchi doesn’t mind being led around, for the most part anyway. They are always paired when we go out, a guide dog, for a blind dog!

6. Recent Trip

So that is how this amazing interaction came to be! Then, footage of the two of them was posted online and everyone couldn’t believe just how sweet Ginger was to lead Kimchi around. It was the dog’s first time at the B-Hotel after all and Kimchi wasn’t too aware of his surroundings.

5. Getting Around

Since Kimchi wasn’t too aware of his surroundings, it was quite difficult for him to get around in the hotel. Ginger’s help would be of the utmost importance in a situation like this. In the video footage, you can see Ginger leading Kimchi down a flight of stairs.

4. Confidence

We tried a few times to let Kimchi go down ‘strange stairs’ by himself and he just stood then, and didn’t budge. But when Ginger is leading him, he would follow, although much slower than when he’s using the stairs at home,” the owners explained. “Ginger is Kimchi’s eyes, and he gets his confidence and courage from her.”

3. Community Service

You also won’t believe the other wonderful deeds that this pair has managed to become involved in. Both Kimchi and Ginger have volunteered as emotional support dogs for people in hospitals, students, and company employees. These two love to be of service to others!

2. Ambassador Roles

The pair is known as “ambassaDOGS” and most of their work comes from the shelter where Kimchi was originally adopted from. The couple that adopted Kimchi are active members of CARA Welfare Philippines. They are always going out of their way to help support the community in any way that they can!

1. Lovely Pair

Ginger and Kimchi happen to make quite the lovely pair! These two are solid proof that dogs are truly magnificent animals that were put on this earth to make us all happier and better. We are so happy that Kimchi has a great pal that is willing to lead him around and keep him out of harm’s way.