This Cute Wallaby Joey Adores His Foster Mom

All babies are precious, but it’s a fact: animal babies are the cutest! They’re tiny and sweet and big-eyed, and you just feel like picking them up and cuddle them all day long! And this caretaker appears to have the best job in the world. She gets to care for a tiny wallaby joey called Louey, and bottle feed him.

20. A Happy Place

He lives in a bag for a sad reason, but his caretakers are doing everything they can to keep him happy and healthy. And he’s not the only baby that gets pampered at the Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia!

19. The Famous Zoo in Sidney

Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney is the home of a lot of adorable animals. Like this baby wallaby, called Louey. The Zoo was a small wildlife park in 1975, but in time it grew and won many awards, making it famous around the world.

18. Giving a Helping Hand

When the caretakers saw that Louey’s mother couldn’t handle him on her own, they decided to hand-rear him to make sure he survives. But he needed a pouch and a foster mom. And he got Tami Wilson, the best mom ever! Curious to see what they do every day?

17. Foster Mom

Hand-rearing a baby animal that needs the love, care, and support from his mom can be tough. But knowing that this baby depends on you makes you try harder. So, Tami Wilson stepped in, and she does a great job. But this tiny baby needs more than attention…

16. Round-the-Clock Care

The baby wallaby needs to be bottle-fed once every few hours. He also needs to be held, cuddled and supervised. Wait until you see him pop out of his bag and check out the grass!

15. Louey Loves His Mom

Louey adores his foster mom, and we can see it in the photos and videos showing them cuddle away. But that’s not all! This baby grows and grows… You won’t believe how he looks like now!

14. Melting Our Hearts

Seeing this much cuteness in one tiny animal and his mom cuddling him melts our hearts. And if that’s not enough, Louey can be seen at the park, as he’s now bigger and allowed to get visitors. Check him out in the following photos!

13. A Famous Video

Louey became famous, after his video of his first steps on the grass. Just wait until the end, as he gets back in his pouch. It’s just too adorable! And this is not everything, check out photo #9!

12. Back ‘Home’

Usually, baby marsupials live inside their mother’s pouches. In Louey’s case, he lives inside the bag Wilson carries with her. It’s his home, and it protects him from the outside world. Seeing him hop inside is so cute!

11. Everyone’s Crazy Over Louey

On their Facebook page, the wildlife park posted photos with Louey being bottle fed. Of course, everyone lost their minds seeing the cute wallaby feeding on his bottle of milk. One person said that caring for these babies is ‘the best job in the world!

10. He’s In the Kangaroo Walk-through Area!

The last update on Louey on their Facebook page said that he has just started to be transitioned in with our other wallaby’s and roo’s in the Kangaroo Walk-through Area. So keep an eye out for him during your next visit.’

9. Happy Snaps

People visiting the park can take ‘happy snaps’ or selfies with the wildlife there, but only when the animals are old enough for it. The park prioritizes the safety and welfare of their wild animals.

8. Protecting Our Environment

A representative of Symbio Wildlife Park said that their animals are a ‘vital role in educating the public and helping build that awareness to ensure they are more invested in protecting our environment for the future.’

7. Harry’s Surrogate Mother

Unlike Louey, Harry had a sad beginning. His mother died of cancer, and he needed her. Harry was only 250 grams and was not ready to live on his own! Luckily, at the park, there was another koala mother.

6. Taking a Risky Decision…

The caretakers tried something rarely done before and hoped it would work. Kelly the mother koala was a good option to be Harry’s surrogate. But she had a baby on her own, and she was living in her pouch!

5. Timing Saved Harry

Kelly’s daughter, Imogen was 500 grams when Harry’s mother passed away. It was an unexpected timing that allowed Harry to get a new mom. Imogen received pap from her mother – a nutrient that allows koala to digest eucalyptus.

4. Harry’s New Mommy

Both Imogen and Harry had new moms. Imogen was hand-reared and received milk to continue growing, while Harry lived in Kelly’s pouch. The koala mother immediately nurtured him as if he was her baby…

3. A Few Weeks Later

After only a few weeks, Harry was ready to get out of Kelly’s pouch and check out the outside world. He was ready to transition, and everyone in the park was happy that both cubs were healthy!

2. A Risky, But Successful Decision

The team at the park risked a lot to give Harry a new chance, and thanks to the great koala mom, he thrived and grew strong enough to pull through the tough moments. Check out Imogen in the next photo.

1. Gorgeous Koalas

Imogen is a healthy and happy koala. Here she is, a gorgeous lady who knows how to pose! Both koalas are cute and ready to meet new people. Looking at Imogen, you’d say she was born to be a star!