This Couple Found A Terrified Baby Fox And Nursed It Back To Health

What do you do when you find a baby animal all alone in a bush, crying and bleeding? You save it! This is the story of a baby fox that was found terrified and alone. The poor pup was crying when a couple was on a walk in Virginia. Slowly approaching the little fox, the couple saw what was wrong…
The baby’s little cry of help saved her life and now she’s a beautiful, healthy fox!

20. Out for a Walk

Beau Ouimette and his partner were walking in Virginia when they heard the desperate cries of a baby animal. They got closer to see what was wrong and discovered an abandoned baby fox. You won’t believe how the animal looked!

19. Lucky Fox

Beau’s partner is a vet and she knew exactly what to do with the pup. They needed to closely inspect the poor animal and treat it if necessary. They filmed the moment when they saw the injured animal and its transformation in time…

18. A Heart-Melting Sound

The poor fox pup was crying for her mother, but it looked like it wouldn’t come… The video Beau took was posted on YouTube and it described all the moments. Beau said that ‘the fox was severely dehydrated’ when they saw it. Then they did something amazing!

17. Approaching the Pup

The animal was terrified and when the couple tried to inspect it, it backed away. The poor pup was ‘weak and had a bloody wound to its neck’. They took a coat and wrapped the pup to keep it safe and to stay away from its bites. But when they took it home…

16. Going Home

Beau and his partner took the baby fox to their home. There, his partner cleaned up the wound and gave it milk with some medicine. Meanwhile, they set up a small house for the fox, in a cage. It got inside the little cardboard box…

15. She Went to Sleep

After the couple made sure the fox had bowls of water and food, they left it alone in its cage. Leaving the room, they hoped for the best. Later that day, they had to check up on the baby and feed her more milk. Soon, the baby started to feel better!

14. Someone’s Getting Better!

After a few hours of sleep, the couple returned and filmed the baby fox. The vet used a hand puppet and made a few sounds to lure out the baby. And it worked! The pup started walking toward the camera, checking everything out!

13. An Adorable Pup

A few days later, the baby fox was comfortable with her two heroes and the video shows her so happy when she sees them enter the room. She knows it’s cuddling time and that she will also get her milk. This is too cute!

12. Going Outside

Soon as the baby fox regained her strength and her injury was healed, the couple took it outside their house to test if she would be comfortable back into nature. By the looks of it, the baby was not ready to be on her own. So they did this instead!

11. Back Home

It was clear that the baby fox had to stay with someone for a longer period of time. But spending too much time with humans would have made her willing to ditch the forest in favor of a comfy home. So what happened next?

10. A Strong Baby

The baby fox lived a few days with the couple, as she grew strong and healthy, ready to explore her environment. She was regularly fed milk with a syringe and when the couple weighed the fox, they were more than pleased!

9. Watching the Video

The video posted by Beau on YouTube has become viral, part of the fame was because of the pup’s funny sounds. This is what one user wrote about the video: ‘That was a very compassionate thing to do.’ Others were touched to tears…

8. Her Angels…

‘I cried so much!! That is one of the most precious, innocent babies I have EVER seen’, said one YouTube user. Another one said that the couple was the pup’s angels and that if they wouldn’t have been there, the fox didn’t stand a chance!

7. A Lucky Fox

This baby fox was indeed lucky and strong to call for help and to be heard! But that’s not everything… The story is halfway through because the fox needed a home. And the couple soon found the perfect place.

6. It’s Time…

Although it was a difficult choice, the couple agreed that the baby fox belonged to the wild. So, they placed her in a cage and took her to a wildlife center. That’s how they got at Blue Ridge Wildlife Center in Virginia…

5. A Heartbreaking Goodbye

In just a few days after being rescued, the baby fox looked much better and was full of energy! She was a bit nervous, as she was in a strange place, but her favorite cameraman was nearby. It was time to say goodbye.

4. ‘Pa-Pap-Pap-Pa!’

As the little fox kept ‘barking’, the vet talked to the staff at the center. They explained how they found it, took care of it and decided to bring it to the center, to live a happy life with others of her kind. She deserved a second chance…

3. Six Months Later

The baby fox lived at the rescue center for six months with other three orphaned foxes. The center’s director, Dr. Belinda Burwell, said that at ‘8 weeks old they were moved to an outside cage, where they had more room to play and less exposure to people’.

2. Making them Wild Again

Their aim is to have the ‘foxes retain their natural fear of humans and do not become tame. At 5 months of age, they were moved to a release site in a secluded area where we continued to offer them food while they learned to find food in their environment.’

1. A Remote Camera Checks on Them

The baby fox recovered from her wounds and she was even filmed by a remote camera at the release site. She was roaming with other foxes, all doing well! It’s so great to see that with a little help from humans, the fox is alive and back into the wild!