Thirteen Could-Be Hits by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has had a string of hits already. Starting from her now iconic “Genie in a Bottle,” Christina has already come a long way. Right now, she has been serving as a fairy godmother of some sort. She helps talented individuals be their best as a judge on The Voice. She also collaborates with artistic musicians so that people would notice them. Her “Say Something” collaboration with A Great Big World even received a nomination for the 2015 Grammy Awards.

Despite Christina Aguilera’s evident artistry, fans and critiques know that she has several other excellent songs. Unreleased, these songs deserve big attention as they have the potential to take Legend X atop the charts all across the globe. So, here are thirteen of the unreleased tracks from the Queen’s albums that could have been hits. Let us know if you agree.

“Love For All Seasons,” from Christina Aguilera: Back in the day when Christina was all bubblegum, this song could have easily reached the top of the charts. People love her showing a bit of soul despite her conservative image. This well-written song showed how Christina possessed golden pipes that separate her from all her contemporaries. “Love For All Seasons” is a fire in the listeners’ winter, and the sun in their spring. So, all the song needed was a music video. It did not happen, though. Thus, the song will forever remain in any Fighter’s list of the songs that can make them love Legend X all the more.

“Love Will Find A Way,” from Christina Aguilera: This song is not entirely original, as this is highly reminiscent of Mariah Carey’s earlier songs. However, this gave Christina a chance to showcase the strength in her voice while delivering a dance track. It’s a pop song that could have defined the bubblegum dance route that made other young pop stars like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson forces to be reckoned with. Would you trust in Christina to deliver a solid performance of any song like this? Definitely, she would make you see.

“That’s What Love Can Do,” from Justin & Christina: Really, how sexy can love be? Christina taught us just how. This promotional single from the Justified & Stripped Concert really showed the range in Christina’s voice. It also proved how she successfully transitioned from her bubblegum roots to the musician that she was in this song. Love can lift us so high, or it can leave us to die. Right, Christina? You told us! But no doubt, this song has lifted us so high we went beyond the clouds.

“Infatuation,” from Stripped: “Dirrty” was a phenomenal carrier single; however, “Infatuation” could have changed Christina’s career path. It’s a beautifully written track about confusion in the face of a seemingly passionate first love. There had been rumors that this would be the first single off Stripped, but it did not happen. No one can really tell why. Nonetheless, te quiero, Xtina, te quiero.  We still get lost in the rhythm whenever the song plays.

“Soar,” from Stripped: Christina is known as the premier balladeer of her generation. This song proved that when it comes to delivering a solid ballad, Christina is the singer to beat. In addition, when it comes to songs with a message, “Soar” is an easy choice to be the best. It even taught an entire generation not to be scared and not feel alone. Yes, Christina. Because of you, we have spread our wings and soared.

“Mercy On Me,” from Back To Basics: Christina took us to church with this song. Demi Lovato even showed her inner Fighter when she did a cover of this. It’s a gospel song that catapulted Christina as a very versatile songstress. In this, Christina Aguilera is an angel delivering a song from God. It even made us forgot that this song is about infidelity, after all. Oh Lord, have mercy on us. Please let Christina sing this live even for just one time.

“Still Dirrty,” from Back To Basics: We know it. She is still dirty in spite of the glamorous take she did with her 2006 album. She got married and gave birth to Max Liron, but she still has what it takes to be sexy diva that loves to tease. In relation to her “Dirrty” record, “Still Dirrty” also has the sexy class Christina always enjoys. This song showed the world how Christina is comfortable with her own skin.

“Nasty Naughty Boy,” from Back To Basics: Christina brought in some Moulin Rouge realness in this song. It works well, because it’s a reminder how Christina can manage to sing about sex and still look like a divine diva. It even made her fans yearn for more when the intro beat of the song was featured in Burlesque. We swear, Christina. You are the first and only one to blow our minds!

“Prima Donna,” from Bionic: No doubt, Christina. You are a prima donna, and you rule the world. However, we want to know why on earth you did not release this song. It has sick beats. It’s a domineering single that made you look all powerful and in control. It’s excellently executed. It’s a dance and club song phenomenal to the core. So, tell us. Why did you not let the world hear it in a music video? As a line inStarting Over Again goes, we deserve an explanation. We deserve an acceptable reason!

“Desnudate,” from Bionic: Christina’s Bionic is severely underrated, as other pop records overshadowed it when it was released. However, no one can deny the power of Christina to transform simple lyrics to become a powerful sexual anthem. “Desnudate” is powerful that can easily outshine other basic pop songs out there. Wannabe sexualized pop stars can learn from Christina through this song how to sing about sex without looking like a slut. But whenever you ask, Christina. We will get naked for you.

“I Am,” from Bionic: Can we call Christina the Queen of Vulnerability? We feel her pain. We feel her struggles. In “I Am,” she showed us how she feels. She tells us how insecure she can be, but she also asserts how we can all overcome any insecurity. We must only feel comfortable. You may be temperamental, Christina. You may also be a lioness. But whoever you may be, this song rocks! If only this song was released, you could have empowered millions of souls needing an anthem like this.

“Sing For Me,” from Lotus: When Christina opens her mouth, her whole heart comes out. At least, that’s what the song suggests. But, it’s true. Her music cuts through the heart. “Sing For Me” could have well become the song that could define an entire generation of ballads. It’s beautifully penned. At the same time, it’s masterfully delivered. It showed that with Christina’s vocal power, no one could really come close.

“Army of Me,” from Lotus: It’s Fighter 2.0, Christina said. Yes, we agree. It’s probably the most powerful track from Lotus. It did not get enough exposure, though. When Christina sang this at the American Music Awards, it was less than stellar. However, from the album, it was a perfectly delivered song. It’s a combination of rage, passion and love. It’s as beautiful as any anthem can be. Most singers today would kill for this song. However, the world took it for granted. If only Christina released this, then all doubts about her star power could have easily faded away. It sure feels sweeter, Christina, if only you released this song.