These 10 Children’s Toys Can Kill You

Most children grow up with toys that they grow to love and remember fondly as adults. However, some children’s toys are dangerous to the point of being lethal in some cases. These 10 children’s toys may seem innocent, but they have been shown to be extremely dangerous. Find out why below!

Number Ten: Lawn Darts. See those steel tips? Lawn darts, or jarts, have enough pressure per inch to pierce a skull. Because of this, they were banned in 1988. Lawn darts today lack steel tips and are much less dangerous.

Number Nine: Kite Tubes. The kite tube allowed riders to go airborne while tubing. Awesome, yes, but the lack of control once airborne led to two deaths. Looks like that was a piece of science we just weren’t ready for yet.

Number Eight: Buckyballs.  Look how small those balls are! Children were bound to swallow these things, but the clincher is that the balls are magnetic. If more than one was swallowed at a time, it could lead to blood poisoning, and the balls could potentially stick to children’s intestinal walls.

Number Seven: Easy Bake Ovens. The Easy Bake Oven has seen its glory days come and go, but in 2007, the franchise hit an all-time low when it was discovered there was a part in the oven that could trap tiny child-size hands. Not so Easy Bake, after all.

Number Six: Gilbert Glass Blowing Sets. Above you can see all of the equipment necessary for glass blowing, save for one missing element: safety equipment! Glassblowing requires such high temperatures that this oversight is almost laughable.

Number Five: Sky Dancers. Those Sky Dancers might look cute and innocent, but their unpredictable trajectories led to more than 170 reports of the dolls striking people, both children and adults. Because of this, they were banned in 2000.

Number Four: Moon Shoes. Moon Shoes were a fun way to travel around the house, but they weren’t exactly the stablest of footwear. They could lead to broken ankles, or worse a fall that led to a more serious injury.

Number Three: Monster Science Colossal Water Balls. These balls start out small and, with some help, grow up to 400 times their original size. Like buckyballs, children would swallow these without knowing the repercussions. These balls don’t show up on X-Rays, which means they require surgery to remove.

Number Two: Powermite Tools. Unlike cheap plastic tool sets we see today, the Powermite tool sets contained real tools. Though the saw in these sets was less dangerous than an actual saw, it was still capable of causing serious damage.

Number One: Aqua Leisure Baby Boats. Finally, the most ridiculously dangerous children’s toy is this Aqua Leisure baby boat. Though no sane adult would willingly jump in this thing, it earned a reputation as a deadly toy because the bottom of the tube would routinely fall out, causing babies to slip through and drown.