Theophilus London – Century Girl feat. Devonte Hynes

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Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, American rapper Theophilus London’s music video for “Century Girl” featuring Devonte Hynes lets you get closer than you ever could to a skateboarding gang. The shots are action packed, zooming in on close ups of the skateboarders’ tricks and techniques. The gang happens to be all female, and they are most likely also all “century girls” themselves – beautiful, balanced, and badass. The skateboard through a city that’s both architecturally gorgeous, and also just clean and green. Decked out in full skateboard gear, they slide through the streets, bomb hills, past parks, museums, statues and fountains, and only one wipeout is visible throughout the whole video. They play to the camera, smiling charmingly but are also shot candid, walking together, talking to each other as they take turns on the run. The light in the music video is shot at such an angle (from the ground up) that it feels like the end of a summer day, with the sun getting ready to set beyond the horizon.