The Zax – Nothing To Celebrate

The video for “Nothing to Celebrate” by The Zax starts off in a flamboyantly pink room with a middle aged woman sleeping soundly in a pink ball gown and a hilarious puppy stuffed animal nearby. Then, the camera pans to the side and there is another puppy, this one a puppet, that it becomes apparent is the singer of the song. From then on the song only becomes more humorous and almost surreal as it continues on; the old woman wakes up and starts going about her day, the second dog puppet joins in singing with the first one … And everything is pink – from the background to the foreground, flowers, champagne, plates, draperies, sheets … For the most part, the only things that are not pink are the two dogs and the old woman’s skin and hair, which are all reasonably neutral shades. As times goes on, the video becomes more and more slurred as the dogs and the woman drink and party around in the room, even though they have “Nothing to Celebrate.”

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Directed by Ben&Julia:
Music and lyrics by Rion Harmon (The Zax)
Produced and engineered by Rion Harmon (The Zax)
Video production & post production: Ben&Julia Studio