The Veronicas: ‘You Ruin Me’ Single Review

It’s been nine years since The Veronicas burst onto the Australian music scene, the powerhouse duo from Brisbane taking Australia and the rest of the world by storm. From humble beginnings, they have gone on to earn a name for themselves in the UK, Canada, and the ever-crucial US market.

Despite a string of stellar hits, impressive tours and fantastic music, The Veronicas haven’t had an easy run in the last five years. Recent public statements have revealed a battle with their record label, involving release dates and content, that saw their new album delayed for years. In 2013 they publicly announced a spilt from their label, Warner Music.

In March 2014 fans welcomed the announcement of their signing with Sony Music, revealing plans to release new music. Their third album, The Veronicas, is set for release in November. “You Ruin Me” is the lead single of this forth-coming album.

Power ballads are a far cry from the electro gutsy pop the world is used to from The Veronicas. Gently set against a slow paced piano track, “You Ruin Me” builds with power and passion, whilst resting in gentle simplicity. Their voices have matured and carry a strength that is somewhat unexpected. If this was the direction Warner Music was fighting against, one has to wonder why? Evolution is important for any artist, The Veronicas have clearly taken their music to a newer and certainly more improved level.

The accompanying video track amplifies just how far these girls have come. Trading pop rock grunge for ball gowns and lipstick, the video leans on the emotional strength of the song, delivering an emotive and powerful performance. There’s a sense of a very personal narrative at play, making the video all the more haunting. The clip alternates from a dramatic stage performance in an empty theatre, to a confronting narrative of power and abuse in a ballet school. The clip is indicative of the depth and substance the girls are now bringing to their music, shifting gears and driving a deeper emotional engagement with their fans.

If the success of the single in Australia is any indicator, this song and album will be making noise around the world. Debuting atop the Australian singles chart, for the first time since 2007, is a pretty good indicator that the girls are back on track for success.