The Pixies Announce North America Tour Dates

The Pixies announced the new dates for their 2015 tour. The tour will began on May 5th in New Orleans, and it will conclude at the Amnesia Festival on June 18 through June 21st in Montebello. The Pixies will also travel to Atlanta (GA), Tampa (FL), Charlotte (NC), Cleveland (OH), Boston (MA), and Brooklyn (NY). The band has stated that this tour will feature new songs that were written in the past few months. Fans should visit the Pixies’ website in order to purchase tickets, which will go on sale February 27th. The complete tour schedule is also viewable on the band’s website. 

The band will travel to Canada for the Amnesia Festival this summer. A while ago, they discussed the difference in performing at big festivals now, compared to performing at big festivals in their earlier years. “Live music has became more important to the artist because you cannot download it. The thing with the mp3s, there’s a silver lining to it,” the band stated. They added, “Sharing the music peaks people’s interest to see the band when they are coming to town. In a weird way, the band’s live shows become better from the enthusiasm because people know the songs.” The Pixies said the worst thing about performing at large festivals is when the audience doesn’t know your music. They said it causes a divide with the audience, and sometimes the less-known bands get ignored. They recalled a time when they were performing at a festival when Madonna was performing on another stage, and their audience left to watch the pop star’s performance. 

The Pixies released their debut album Surfer Rosa in 1988, and they dropped three albums in three consecutive years including Doolittle, Bossanova, and Trompe le Monde. Trompe le Monde was put out in 1991, and the Pixies disbanded two years after its release. The Pixies reunited in 2004, but they did not put out a studio album until Indie City was dropped ten years later. Indie City was a success on the music charts, and reached Number 1 on the US Top Tastemakers Albums chart, Number 3 on the US Top Alternative Albums, and Number 6 on the US Independent Albums chart. 

FDRMX Eyes: Latenite Automatic’s music video for “Ghost Love” was featured back in 2013. Directed by Matt Leaf, the music video gives off a dark, grungy and punk vibe. 

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