The Other People feat. Shazneen Arethna – So Damn Beautiful

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India’s The Other People are back with a heartfelt and breathtaking music video that addresses the importance of self-confidence. “So Damn Beautiful” begins with a soft piano as the viewers are introduced with bodies wrapped up in bandages like mummies. The band members lip-synch Shazneen Arethna’s strong and solid vocals, which is very admirable. The song is reminiscent of TLC’s “Unpretty,” Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts,” and P!nk’s “F***in’ Perfect.” The video focuses on a particular body covered in bandages. She begins to dance and unveil the beauty that lies underneath. The dancer is a gorgeous woman who performs an interpretive piece that blends perfectly with the song. Self-confidence could either be a woman’s worst enemy or best friend. The lyrics remind us of how women should be empowered by who and what they are, regardless of status and physical appearance. The Other People have done it again, inspiring fans with their music.

Lyrics – Andrew M. Dorff, Stuart John Crichton, Tommy Lee James
Composed by Andrew M. Dorff, Stuart John Crichton, Tommy Lee James
Artist – The Other People feat. Shazneen Arethna
Recording studio – Universal Music Publishing Group (Mumbai, India)
Recording engineer – Devashish Ray
Produced by – Devashish Ray & The Other People
Mixed by – Devashish RayArtwork: Pavan Sahu
Video Director – Shai Master
Hair & Make Up – Sapna Vaid
Location Courtesy – Raoul Verma & Kim Verma Modi
Dancer – Anisha Shah (Split Sole Dance Academy)
Video Edit – Qyuki