The Lockhearts – Freakshow

Australian rock band Lockhearts’ music video for “Freakshow” is full of energy. The highly kinetic video is set against a simple black backdrop, and features the band, as well as a few lovely ladies in bikinis. In between traditional scenes of the band passionately rocking out, are ones where they reveal their colorful face and body paint which can only be seen under the blacklight that’s quickly introduced as a visual motif. While the percussionist thrashes on the drums, the front man strikes away at his guitar, shouting “No, no, we won’t go!” during the song’s catchy chorus — ultimately making for an intense auditory experience. Each member of the four piece is highlighted with close-up shots as they mouth the lyrics, and viewers can’t help but nod their head along to this vibrant, fun video.

Directed by: Tanzeal Rahim
Concept, Brand,Visual Recording All Rights & Copyright ownership by Sunday morning Records PTY LTD 2013